Friday, November 1, 2019

Pink Pom Pom Dahlias

I love Pom Pom Dahlias.  This card was designed using Susan's Garden Club Pom Pom Dahlia, Japanese Painted Fern, and Galvanized Bucket die sets.

To create a background, I used a piece of white card stock and a variety of Nuvo Mousse to create a multicolored pearl background.  First, using a Nuvo Blending Bush, Burnished Bronze Embellishment Mousse was brushed across 1/2 of the card stock.  Next, French Rose Embellishment Mousse was brushed across the lower half.   I dipped the brush right into the jar of mousse and then brushed from side to side.  When you open the jar of mousse, be sure to cut around the edge of the tin foil and leave part of it attached so you can always push it back down over the mousse before closing the jar for storage.  This will prevent the mousse from drying out.  

Across the center of the card stock, Nuvo English Heather Embellishment  Mousse was brushed.  A small amount was also brushed at the top and at the bottom.  

This piece turned out beautiful, but decided to wanted to see what it would look like if I embossed it.

I used an old embossing folder from my stash to emboss a design.  Next I used the Nuvo Worn Linen Expanding Mousse to add a shine to the embossed areas.  A small amount of mousse was placed on my Tonic Glass Mat, then using my finger, I picked up a little mousse and lightly rubbed the mousse over the raised areas.  This really brought out the design.  

Using Susan's Galvanized Bucket & Gathering Basket die set, I die cut one bucket, using Tonic Speciality Card Steel Diamonds Luxury Embossed Card.  It was attach to the bottom of the card.  A piece of Tonic Dimensional Foam Pads was added to the center of the bucket then Deluxe Adhesive added around the sides and bottom of the bucket.

The Garden Notes Japanese Painted Fern die set was used to die cut 4 ferns, out of white card stock.  Green ink was sponged on the ferns, then Susan's new Magenta PanPastel was used down the stem and along the veins of the ferns.  Susan's new PanPastels will be out soon.

 I used Susan's Garden Club Pom Pom Dahlia die set and created three pink flowers.  They were shaped and attached over the ferns.

I have added links to Tonic Studio's products below.  If you use these links to purchase products, I will receive a small commission which helps me purchase supplies -- no additional cost to you.  I appreciate you visiting my blog and appreciate your support.

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Nancy said...

This card is exquisite! The bkgd is to ‘die for’ beautiful!
Love this card, Selma! a real statement! ❤️N


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