Saturday, December 27, 2014

Susan's Garden New Flowers

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  Are you ready to start working on new flowers for your Spring Paper Garden? It is great to be back designing.  The past few days, I have been working with the new Susan's Garden Flower Collection.  What amazing dies she has in this new release!

Here is a list of the dies in this collection:

Sweet Peas
Southern Magnolia
White Pine Pine Cones
Spider Mum
Christmas Holly
Cistus (Rock Rose)
Spring Bouquet which includes dies for mini daffodils and Tulips 
3-D Book (Sizzix Bigz XL Die)
Grid Works (3 7/8" Square)
Woodland Leaves
Lady Slipper Tag

 Each flower is very easy to create.  I watched each of Susan's videos for instructions and love all the little tips she gives us to create such realistic flowers.  I will be posting each flower individually, along with the link to Susan's instructions,  but today I want to show you the entire flower collection.  I included the 3-D book in this picture which is decorated with Susan's Garden Poinsettia, the White Pine Pine Cones and her Christmas Holly.  This little box is perfect for including a gift card, money, candy or other small gift.  It will be beautiful with any of Susan's flowers for other gift occasions.  

I previously posted the Southern Magnolia and will be doing a tutorial soon to show you how I created the stamen for this gorgeous flower. 

You can find all these dies at Ellen Hutson, LLC at this LINK.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Good Morning.  A few months ago I posted a picture of three of my poinsettias left from last Christmas.  I told you I was going to try and get them to bloom again this year.  Well I was successful.  Here is a picture of my pink and white poinsettia that is blooming.  It only has four blooms but I was so happy to see that all the work in storing them in a dark spot from 5 PM to 8 AM paid off. 

Here is a close up of one of the blooms.

 Here is a picture of my Picasso Poinsettia.  The petals are just starting to turn Tan and Burgundy, and I have a lot more blooms on this plant. I'm not sure it will be fully bloomed out by Christmas, but I think it will.

I also have a red speckled poinsettia that is now blooming, but the plant isn't as healthy looking.  The blooms are pretty small on it but you can definitely tell what kind of poinsettia it is.

I do not think I will go to all this trouble next year.  It was a challenge just to see if I could do it; but I think I will just purchase new poinsettias next year.

I have many emails from you that I feel bad for not answering. Things have been extremely busy for me.  My husband finally got to come home from the hospital.  What a long month of traveling down to Spokane every day.  The weather was not good many days and it took two or three tries some days to be able to get out on the highway.  Our home kind of  looks like a therapy center now, with all the equipment but we are so thankful to have him home. My days are still really busy but hopefully I will have more time before long. Right now I have to stay close by because he already had one bad fall and got three bad cuts on his head. (He was getting up in the middle of the night and fell getting out of bed and hit his head on the night stand.)  I will now work on getting your questions answered and hopefully get back to working with some of the the new Susan's Garden dies that came out last month.  The new flowers are amazing and I am very anxious to show them to you.

Happy Holidays. 


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