Monday, September 21, 2020

Pink Poppies

Today I created poppies using Susan's new Poppy die set from Spellbinders.  

To create the pretty design behind the arrangement, the Spellbinders Nestabilities Doily Round Etched die set was used to die cut the design into a square piece of white card stock.  This piece was layered over a larger piece of card stock. 

Three poppies were created with the Poppy die set. They were die cut using white card stock and pink ink sponged around the edges of the petals.  The centers were shaped and black pollen added to the end of stamens.   Several leafy branches and the berry branch were die cut using the Foliage & Ladybug die set.  White berries were added to the berry branch, using Nuvo white Crystal Drops.

The poppies and foliage were arranged in the center of the die cut doily.

White pearls were colored with a pink alcohol marker and added to the corners.

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Coreopis Double Tower Card

To create the Double Tower card, I used the instructions given on Susan's Garden Club Live Facebook video.  

The basic card was cut using white card stock.  Using a brush, several shades of brown ink were applied to both the front and back.  You could just use brown card stock but I wanted the light and dark shading of adding inks.  

Design paper from my stash was used to decorate the panels.

Susan's Spellbinder's Garden Club Coreopis die set was used to create the flowers.  They were die cut using white card stock and colored with maroon ink.  The flowers were shaped using Susan's Tool Kit.  Pollen was added to the top of the yellow center in the flower.  The leaves were sponged green, and shaped using the Tool Kit.

The Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut the eucalyptus leaves at the top of the arrangement.  The leaves were die cut using white card stock.  Green ink was sponged on, leaving the tips of the leaves a very light green.  The ladybug was die cut, colored red, and a black marker used for detail.  It was shaped using a ball stylus in the Tool Kit.  Once attached to the leaf, clear glaze was added to it for a shiny appearance.

Spellbinders, Amazing Grace All Occasion Sentiments die and stamp set was used to stamp the sentiment.  It was backed with a piece of burgundy card stock and attached with dimensional foam tape.

The large middle panel on the back of the card was also decorated and an area left to write a personal message.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Autumn Hydrangea Tri-Fold Card

Today I created a Tri-Fold card with Autumn Hydrangeas.  On Susan's Garden Club  LIVE Facebook Video, she gives instructions on how to create this pretty card.  She also decorated it with the Autumn Hydrangea and has instructions for assembling the flower. 

Following Susan's instructions, the base card and design paper pieces were cut.  Two Autumn Hydrangeas were created with her new die set.  

Using the Foliage & Ladybug die set, the Eucalyptus leaves, berry branches and ladybug were die cut.  Five Eucalyptus branches were die cut -- three are used on the front of the card and two on the inside.  The Eucalyptus leaves were sponged green with a highlight of red ink lightly sponged at the base of some of the leaves.  The die cut berry branches were sponged green, then white Nuvo Drops added for the berries.   The little ladybug was colored red, then using a fine line black pen, her details were added.

Three Eucalyptus branches were added to the upper portion of the front panel.  It appears the branches go all the way across the front.  Two branches are attached inside.

On the inside of the card, I use two different sizes of the Spellbinders Nestabilities Candlewick die set.  On the smaller size, one of the quotes from Susan's Autumn Quotes stamp set was used.   That panel was attached to the middle panel.  The larger Candlewick die cut was centered behind the center panel of the tri-fold card so it doesn't show when the card is closed.  

This was a fun card to create.  I hope you will watch Susan's video and have fun creating this pretty card.  

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Pumpkin in Autumn Leaves

Today I designed a card using the Spellbinders Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum, Foliage  Ladybug, Woodland Garden Leaves and Autumn Hydrangea die sets.   Are you wondering why I listed the Hydrangea set?  I used one of the pieces in the Autumn Hydrangea set to create a pumpkin!   

The card base is brown card stock and two different size Spellbinders Picot Petite Oval Dies were used for the background for this arrangement.  One of Susan's Autumn Quotes stamps was used for the quote.  The larger Oval was attached to the card front, and the smaller oval was attached with dimensional foam squares.  

The Woodland Garden Leaves set was used to die cut Oak Leaves.  Before die cutting, I colored white card stock.  

Adirondack Butterscotch Color Wash was sprayed on white card stock. This sheet is half a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.  Don't give it a solid coverage because you want it to look speckled.  Using a spray ink will give you this look.

Using Distress Scattered Straw Ink, sponge ink all over the piece of card stock.  Sponge ink on heavier in some areas.

Use the Oak leaf dies and die cut as many leaves as you need.  I die cut small and large leaves, but did not use the larger leaves for this card.

Additional inks were sponged on the leaves once they were die cut.  The inks used include Distress Ink Fossilized Amber, Aged Mahogany, and Walnut Stain.  First Fossilized Amber was sponged over most of the leaf.  Sponge color on the back of the leaves too with this color.  Use the Leaf Tool and draw veins on each leaf.   Use Aged Mahogany to sponge around the edges and tips of the leaves.  Next fold the leaf in half on the main stem line and sponge Walnut Stain down the length of the vein.  Fold the points on the leaf and sponge Walnut Stain lightly on the fold, being careful not to go past the center vein.  Pinch the leaf at the stem end with the tweezers, turn leaf over on molding mat and press down, with ball stylus, on each point of the leaf to give it shape.

Use the Foliage  Ladybug die set and die cut several berry branches.  Add orange berries.

Use the Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set and create two lime green button chrysanthemums.  Die cut two chrysanthemum leaves.

Use the Autumn Hydrangea die set and die cut one of the 'apple' shapes, using white card stock.  Use the leaf tool and draw creases to create pumpkin.  Sponge yellow and orange inks on pumpkin.  Cut a stem out of white card stock, (with scissors) color green, and attach to back of pumpkin.  Attach the pumpkin with dimensional tape.

Create arrangement as shown.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Good Morning paper gardener friends.   I am happy you are visiting my blog again today to see another card I created using Susan's Autumn Floral die sets.   Today I used her Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum  die set.  This flower is so easy to create and it was hard for me to stop making these pretty little flowers, because there are so many different colors you can create them in. 

Something new with Susan's die sets is that Spellbinders has printed the number of die cuts you need for the flower, right on the die.  This takes all the guess work away from how many to die cut.  This particular die set has dies for two different flowers - you can create the Daisy Chrysanthemum, or the Button Chrysanthemum as I have done today.  

This is a 6x6 inch card, which is my favorite size for creating  floral bouquets.  For the background I used Nuvo Meteorite Shower Shimmer Powder.  You just lightly mist the card stock, sprinkle on some of the shimmer powder, then mist again for a really pretty background.  The card stock was cut down to fit on the front of the card.  I like to score around the edges, 1/8th inch  from the edge, just to give it a finished appearance.  

The pretty oval behind the flowers was die cut using the Spellbinders, Amazing Grace Picot Petite Oval Etched die set.  It was attached using double sided foam tape.

Three colors of Button Chrysanthemums were created.  As usual, I die cut the flowers using white card stock and sponge on color.  For the pinkish mum, I sponged on Altenew Razzelberry ink then in the center sponged on Midnight Violet.  For the purple mum, GinaK Lovely Lavender ink was sponged on then Wild Lilac ink sponged in the center.  I did not have a dark maroon ink pad so I used an alcohol marker to color it.  The leaves were die cut using white card stock,  veins drawn in with the Leaf Tool, sponged green,  then shaped with the ball stylus on the molding pad.  The mums and leaves were arranged on the Oval die cut.

Included with Susan's new release is her Autumn Quotes stamp set.  One of the stamps was stamped, using VersaFine Ink, then cut out and backed with a piece of black card stock.  It was attached at the bottom of the flower arrangement. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Rustic Gaillardia Arrangement

I hope you are enjoying all the cards Susan's Design Team has been posting for her new Spellbinders Autumn Floral die sets.  

Today I used the Gaillardia,  Bittersweet, Rosemary, and Woodland Garden Leaves dies to complete the Fall arrangement on my card. 

This is a 5x7 inch card.  I used a piece of burlap, that is frayed around the edges, for the background, over the cream colored card stock.  It was attached using a tape runner, or you could use double sided tape.  Attach it at an angle.

Using the Foliage & Ladybug die set, four Berry Branches were die cut using white card stock.  Brown ink was sponged on the branches then sponged again lightly with green ink,  on the front and back.  Die cut the covering for the bittersweet using pale yellow card stock.

Use the Foliage & Ladybug die set and die cut two Eucalyptus leaf branches, using white card stock.  Sponge green ink on the front and back.  Use maroon PanPastel to brush the tips of each leaf.  

Create three Gaillardia flowers using Susan's  Gaillardia die set.  The petals were sponged with a dark yellow ink , front and back, then a brick red ink sponged on the lower (base) part of the petals.  Create the stamen using brown card stock for the die cuts.  Add pollen to the tips. Die cut the leaves, color and shape the Gaillardia leaves.

Use the Foliage & Ladybug die set to die cut several Rosemary sprigs.  Color and shape with the Leaf Tool.

Use the Woodland Garden Leaves die set and create a few leaves to scatter around the arrangement.  I colored them with Distress Inks.

Arrange the Bittersweet, Eucalyptus leaves and Rosemary over the background  Attach three Gaillardia flowers over in the leaves and branches.  Tuck in a few Woodland Garden Leaves.

Thanks for your visit.  See you tomorrow with another creation.  

Monday, September 14, 2020

Woodland Garden Maple Leaves

Autumn is in the air!  The maple leaves are already falling, so today I wanted to share a card I designed using the maple leaf die from Susan's Woodland Garden Leaves die set.

This is a 6x6 inch card.  On the white panel, I used a stencil to add a sunburst design on the left side.  Most of this design ended up being covered, but does give some texture.  In the center of the Spellbinders Shapabilities Floral Oval, I added one of the quotes from Susan's new Autumn Quotes stamp set.  This was attached with dimensional foam squares.

The Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to create berry branches.  Die cut the berry branches using white card stock and color them green.  You can use Nuvo Autumn Red Crystal Drops for the berries.

The Woodland Garden Leaves die set was used to die cut a lot of leaves, using white card stock. I have die cut all the different leaves, but I like to work on one variety of leaves at a time to create similar coloring on each. Below I will show you how I colored the maple leaves.

l.  Use a small sponge dauber and apply Fossilized Amber Distress Ink on both the front and back of each leaf.  Vary the darkness of the ink, leaving some areas a little lighter.  

2.  Randomly sponge on Barn Door, Vintage Photo, Rusty Hinge, and/or Shabby Shutters Distress inks, varying placement of the different colors on each leaf.  The leaves in the lower right side of the photo only have Fossilized Amber with Barn Door Distress Ink.  Additional ink colors were sponged over these colors.  Once the leaves are colored, use the leaf tool and draw in veins.  Next bend each point of the leaf toward the center vein and sponge Aged Mahogany Distress Ink along each fold.  This will help bring out the detail in the veins.

3.  To give the leaves a little more realistic appearance, I used an old dotted background stamp, to add dark brown spots to a small portion of each leaf.  

4.  In this closeup, you can see the mix of colors sponged on each leaf.  In the lower right corner, you can see how the leaves look without the added spots.  I left a few leaves without the spots, but most all have them.

5.  To give the leaves a shiny coating, I brushed on a clear glaze.  Once the glaze was dry, the leaves were shaped with the tweezers and ball stylus.

I hope this tutorial helps you color your maple leaves and helps you see how I added the veining highlights.

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Good Morning!   Today I have a card for you designed with Susan's Coreopsis and Foliage die sets.  

This is a 5x7 inch card.  A piece of copper metallic card stock was attached to a dark brown card front.  On top of that, I used the Spellbinders, Amazing Paper Grace, Shapeabilities Cannetille Rectangle die set, to die cut the pretty lacy background.

Three yellow Coreopsis were created using Susan's Coreopsis die set. The Foliage die set was used to die cut three berry branches for the bittersweet branches, and four sprigs of rosemary.

Susan's Woodland Garden Leaves die set was used to create six autumn Leaves.  The leaves were sponged with Distress Inks. 

Susan's new Autumn Quotes stamp set, which has seven quotes, was used to stamp the quote, using VersaMark ink, then embossed with copper embossing powder.  

To finish the card, brown pearls were added to the corners.

Do you have a favorite die set in Susan's new Spellbinder Autumn Floral release?

Spellbinders still has a Bundle price, which is a great savings, for the Autumn Floral release.  Links are provided below.

Have fun creating your flowers!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Chrysanthemum and Berry Branches

Today I have had fun creating berry branches and a chrysanthemum for my card.  

This is a 6x6 inch card.  A piece of rust colored gingham design paper was used for the background.  In the center I die cut a piece of textured gold card stock using Spellbinders, Amazing Grace, Candlewick Square die set.  Around the outside of the gold square I added a narrow black frame.  You just use two square dies taped down on the cardstock to die cut a narrow frame.  

Use the Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set and die cut 8 leafy branches.  Sponge green ink on the branches, then sponge a rust ink over the edges of the leaves to give it a feeling of Autumn.  These were attached in the upper left corner of the gold die cut square.

Use the Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set and die cut two or three berry branches.  Sponge the branches light brown then sponge green over the brown.  Add red berries.  You can use drops, such as Nuvo Crystal Drops for the berries.  

Today I decided to try something different for the berries.  I had a sheet of white flat backed pearls that come on a piece of acetate.  I used a red Copic marker and colored the pearls.  I brushed the marker all over the pearls, being sure to color the sides too. (In the photo above I have different colors of pearls ready to use for other projects.) The pearls had a sticky back, but I added a small dot of glue to the berry branch, then pressed the pearl down.  I liked using the pearls because I could place the berries close together without them running together like they do with drops and each berry is perfectly shaped.   Another advantage to using pearls was that I didn't have to wait for the drops to dry!   Attach the berry branches over the leafy branches.

Use the Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set to die cut a ladybug.  Color it red, add the black detail, then cup it on the back for a rounded appearance.  Attach to the chrysanthem mum with a dot of glue.  Add a dot of clear glaze to the ladybug and brush it around to completely cover it.  I like to die cut a bunch of these ladybugs, color, shape and even add glaze (working on a non-stick sheet).  Once they are dry, I store them in a small container so they are ready to use.

Use the Garden Club Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set and create a  rust colored chrysanthemum, to match the design paper,  and two chrysanthemum leaves.  

At the top corner, over the ends of the leafy branches and berry branches, I added a black twine bow.  I just wrapped the twine around my fingers and tied it in the middle.  It was attached with a large glue dot.  Over the bow, attach the Chrysanthemum and leaves.  I found a glue dot helped hold the flower in place.    

Using the ladybug die in the Foliage & Ladybug die set, die cut the ladybug, color red and add black markings with a fine line pen.  Attach to the Chrysanthemum leaf with a dot of glue.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Purple Button Chrysanthemums

I have been working with Susan for years and it is so amazing, how with each release, the flowers are not only easier to assemble, but look even more realistic.  The  Button Chrysanthemums in this new Spellbinders release look like you just picked them from the garden.  

Today I covered a 6x6 inch card with a piece of First Edition Paper-Gardenia design paper.  I found this design paper at JoAnn's Craft Store.

To create the oval background, I used die cuts from Spellbinders Fancy Edged Ovals and Picot Petite Oval Etched die sets by Becca Feeken.  The white oval was attached with Foam Squares.

Using the Foliage & Ladybug die set, five eucalyptus stems were die cut using white card stock. Using green ink, they were sponged dark on the stem end and lighter on the tips of the leaves.  A rust ink was lightly sponged at the base of the leaves.  

In the Foliage & Ladybug die set, there is a berry branch die.  That was die cut once, colored green and berries added.  I used white pearls for the berries.  They were colored with a mix of deep red and dark purple Alcohol markers.  I first used the purple marker then swiped the red over the purple to kind of give it a two tone appearance.  A dot of glue was placed on the branch, then a berry added.  

Susan's Button & Daisy Chrysanthemum die set was used to create three different shades of purple chrysanthemums.  Through Spellbinders, Susan has YouTube Videos showing how to create her Autumn Floral flowers.  Here is the LINK for the Button Chrysanthemum YouTube Video.  

It has been a lot of fun using Susan's new Autumn Floral die sets from Spellbinders.  I hope you are enjoying seeing all the beautiful floral arrangements you can create.  

I have included links to the products I used below.  I appreciate your support in ordering through my blog.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Autumn Hydrangea

Yesterday was an exciting day!  It was the first day you could order Susan's new Spellbinder Autumn Floral products.  You can order individual die sets, but check out the special bundle price, which is a great savings.  

For this  card I used Susan's Autumn Hydrangea die set.  This beautiful flower is easy to create.   It takes a  little time to shape all the little flowers, but so worth it to see this beautiful flower come to life!

The card base is brown card stock. For the background, I used a piece of textured gold metallic card stock.

For the decorative background, the Spellbinders Amazing  Grace (S5-327) Anabelle's Trousseau Layering Frame Medium die set was used.  It was die cut using a matching brown cardstock.

To create the floral arrangement, Susan's Foliage & Ladybug die set was used for the eucalyptus leaves at the top of the arrangement.  They were die cut using white card stock, sponged with green ink, shaped with Susan's leaf tool, tweezers and ball stylus, then highlighted with Nuvo Cosmic Brown Mousse brushed lightly over the ends of each leaf.

To create the berry branches, the berry branch in Susan's Foliage & Ladybug die set was die cut using white card stock and sponged with a mixture of green and brown inks.  To create the berries, Bubblegum Blush Nuvo drops were used.  These branches should be prepared in advance to creating your card, so that the drops are dry before assembling the arrangement. 

The beautiful flowers were created using Susan's Spellbinders Autumn Hydrangea die set.  Below is a tutorial on how these flowers were created.  At the time I was creating these flowers, I had only received the Spellbinder Garden Club dies  --  I had not received any of the other Spellbinder Garden Club products, so I am using older tools.  There is a delay in shipping Susan's Tools to Spellbinders, because of Covid-19.  The tools may not be available until January.

On Susan's Garden Club Live Facebook video, she shows how to form the base for the flower and how she colored the petals.  I used a different method of coloring, for the hydrangeas on my card today.

Using the Autumn Hydrangea die set, die cut all the pieces using off-white card stock.  When I die cut the pieces, I always die cut more than I may need so I don't have to go back and die cut and color more after I get started, so you will see many in the photo.  

To achieve a muted effect on the pink petals, leave the die cuts in the die. Turn the die over and roughly color the back of the petals with a pink alcohol marker.  When you turn the petal right side up, only part of the petals will be colored, which is what you want for this flower.  

Once the petals are colored, push the die cut petals out of the die and place onto a piece of paper towel or cloth.  I have found that by lightly spritzing the petals with water, they will hold their shape better.  It just takes a light mist of water.

Working on the backside of the petals, use a ball stylus, approximately the same size as one of the petals, and lightly press down to slightly cup each one, on the molding mat.  Don't press so hard that it wrinkles the petals. 

While still working on the molding mat, turn each flower petal over.  This will be the side that has the lighter pink showing.  Using a small ball stylus, press down in the very center of each die cut.  This will cup the four petals. Shape all the petals then attach to the base.  For instructions on how to assemble the base, watch Susan's Garden Club Live Facebook video.  In this video, you will see how she colored the petals, using PanPastels.

Here is a close up of how the flower looks once all the petals are attach to the base.  I added some flowers over each other, for added fullness.  That dome over the base really helps to give the flower a pretty, natural shape.   To finish the flower, a yellow Prill was glued to the center of each flower.  I found it easiest to have some glue on my non-stick mat,  pick up one Prill with the tweezers, and dip lightly into the glue, then place in the center of the flower.

For the Foliage, use the Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set.  Die cut the Eucalyptus branch three or four times, using white card stock.  Sponge green ink on the stem and up toward the tip of the leaf, leaving the tip just barely sponged.  Shape with the leaf tool and tweezers.  

For the Berry Branch, use the Garden Club Foliage & Ladybug die set.  Die cut the branch, using white card stock.  Sponge the branch brown, then again with green ink sponged over the brown ink.  Add Bubblegum Blush Nuvo Crystal Drops for the berries.  Allow the berries to dry before adding to the arrangement.  I cut the berry branches apart and glued smaller branches behind the flowers.

The Foliage, Berry Branches, Hydrangeas and Hydrangea leaves were arranged on the front of the card.  One of Susan's new Autumn Quotes was added below the arrangement.

To finish it, fine gold cording was used to create a bow and was placed at the bottom of the arrangement.

Below are links to Autumn Floral die sets and new stamp set.  I appreciate your support when you order from my links.  There is no additional charge to you.
Thank you for visiting my blog today.


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