Wednesday, February 19, 2020

English Roses in Framed Mirror

Today I created two decor pieces, using the same colors of English Roses, created with Susan's English Rose die set.  On the petals of the roses, I used Nuvo Embellishment Mousse (Burnished Bronze, Tuscan Gold, and Mother of Pearl).   The mousse was placed on the craft mat and picked up with my finger then rubbed on the edges on slightly on the top of some of the petals.  It gave the roses an antique look.   The leaves were die cut using white card stock, sponged green, then edged with Burnished Bronze Embellishment Mousse.  

A leafy branch die was used to die cut three branches, using white card stock.  Nuvo Mother of Pearl Embellishment Mousse was rubbed over the leaves.  

The leafy branches and roses were attached to the mirror.  

This is a second one made with the same color of roses.  I added some off white pearls over the leafy branches.   

These pieces are being sent to a friend who is moving into a new home.

(It was hard to photograph these pieces without getting myself in the mirror behind the arrangement.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Flowering Trees of Spring

I am so tired of snow so wanted to think about Spring.  Today I created my card using Susan's Flowering Trees of Spring die set.  

The branch was die cut using brown card stock.  Cut two branches and glue them together for strength.

The flower petals were die cut using white card stock to create 8 flowers and 3 buds.  Leaves were also die cut using white card stock.  Light pink ink was sponged lightly around the tips of the flower petals. The two die cut petal pieces were glued together to form the flower.   The stamens were die cut with yellow card stock and a light green marker  used to color the base.  The stamen pieces were cut down the center of each stamen to make them thinner.  A small dot of ink was added to the tips and then dipped into Susan's Yellow Pollen.  The stamen was then rolled and glued into the center of the flower.  The tree buds were created by using the two die pieces for the flower.  The petals were lightly sponged with light pink ink.  On the outside of the three petal die cut, a bright pink ink was sponged at the base.  A small pearl was used to create the round shape of the bud.  First the two petal die cut was hot glued around the bead, then the three petal die cut, with the bright pink inked side on the outside, was glued around the two petal die cut.  Pinch the petals close together to form the bud.  The leaves were detailed with the leaf tool, sponged with green ink, then shaped.  

The background on this card is a piece of design paper from the Tonic Studios Craft Perfect Blue Blossom 6x6 pad.  The Tonic Classic Quatrefoil die was die cut using white card stock and attached to the top portion of the card.  

Suzanne Cannon's A Way With Words 4-Seasons die set was used to die cut the Sentiment.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Dogwoods and Butterfly

I am thinking Spring!   Today I used one of Susan's older die sets and sentiment stamp set to create this card.

This is a 6x6 inch card.   To create the background, green, blue and purple Distress Inks were sponged onto a piece of white card stock.  The edges were scored for a finished appearance.

Susan's Garden Notes  Dogwood die set was used to create the dogwoods.  One of Susan's Grapevine Wreaths was die cut, sponged with two shades of brown ink, then cut a part to create the branches behind the flowers.  

The butterfly was die cut from one of the dies in the Tonic Craft Kit #29.  Color was sponged on and a black marker used to define details.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Columbines & Daisies

Today I designed a card using Susan's Garden Club Columbine die set and an older Shasta Daisy die set.  

The background was created using the Spellbinders Vine metal foil plate with the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil Machine.  The Sentiment  was die cut using one of Suzanne Cannon's A Way With Words dies.  A few Nuvo Pink tutu Sequins were added around the arrangement.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Foamiran Hydrangea

It is fun to create Susan's flowers using Foamiran.  They are easy to shape and look so realistic.  Today I have a Hydrangea created using Susan's Garden Club Lacecap Hydrangea die set.  Instead of using the flower base in the die set, I used a die cut 2-inch circle, using 120 lb card stock.  Shape the circle in a dome.  All the flowers were die cut using white Foamiran and removed from the die plate.  A small sponge dauber was used to add light blue and purple ink to the petals.  The sponge dauber was loaded with ink and pressed down on each die cut flower.  Approximately half of each one was blue and half purple.  Both sides of the die cut flower was inked.  Once colored, each flower was placed against a hot iron, holding it with tweezers.  You only need to hold it on the iron for a second or two.  The petals touching the iron curled inward shaping it perfectly.  Don't press down in the center like you do the lilac, because you want a more open flower.  Add Aileens Clear Tacky Glue to a small portion of the die cut circle and add the flower petals.  Repeat until the entire dome is covered.  Allow to dry and then you can bend the flower to round it out more.  Add three dimensional pads to the center of the flower to attach to the card.  

The background was die cut using a die from the Tonic Craft Kit #29.  The sentiment is foiled using one of the Spellbinders Everyday Sentiment II metal plates and the Spellbinder Glimmer  Foiling Machine.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Forever Friends

Today I have a card designed using Susan's Garden Club Spider Mum and Heleborus die sets.  

The background is a piece of patterened paper from Tonic Studios.  The butterfly was die cut using one of the dies in the Tonic Craft Kit 29.  

The Sentiment was foiled using the Amazing Grace Elegant Affirmation Sentiments metal plates/die and the Spellbinders Glimmer Foiling Machine.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Just to Say Spider Mum

I love creating spider mums with Susan's Garden Club die sets from Tonic Studios.
Today I used one of the Tonic Studio's 5x7" Ivory White Card Blanks for the card base.  The Tonic Studios Deco Diamond Patterned Panel was used for the die cut background.  

Use the Garden Club die Spider Mum die set and die cut the flower petals using white card stock.

Using a small sponge dauber, sponge pink ink on the upper half of the flower petals.  Sponge on both sides of the petals.  I used Nuvo Diamond Hybrid Ink pads

Using a different small sponge dauber, sponge dark purple on the very tips of all the petals on both the front and back.  Use the Leaf Tool from  Susan's Tool Kit  and draw a line down the center of each flower petal, starting from the base of the petal and drawing down to the tip.  If you don't put your hand on the die cut,  each petal will curl up and shape.  Do this step on Susan's Leaf Pad.  Once all the petals have been shaped with the Leaf Tool, use the ball stylus to cup the petals. Assemble the mum using Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive.   Create two Spider Mum buds.  If you need help in learning how to assemble any of Susan's flowers, you can go to her Susan's Garden Live Videos on Facebook. 

You can add as many petals as you wish to create the Spider Mum for the fullness you want.  You usually begin with 4 or 5 of the largest petals the build toward the center.  

Behind the Spider Mum I added to of the Garden Club Beauty Berry Bush die cut.  The berries were created using Nuvo Crushed Grape Crystal Drops.  

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Flowers for a Special Friend

Today I have a basket of dahlias and lilacs for a special friend.

For the lattice background I used the Tonic Studios Classic Quatrefoil die.  It was die cut using white card stock and attached to the front of a purple card front.  I used the Nuvo Adhesive Tape Runner to add adhesive to the back of the Quatrefoil die cut.  Once you attach it to the front of the card, you can use your fingers to rub off any extra  adhesive that shows through the die cut design. 

The Garden Club Gathering Basket was die cut, colored and attached to the bottom of the card using Tonic's Craft Perfect Adhesive Pads in the center.  Around the edge of the basket I used the Nuvo Tape Runner and pressed it down well.  The top of the basket was left open to insert the flowers. 

The Garden Club Pom Pom Dahlia die set was used to die cut 8 sets of petals, using white card stock.  I always like to prepare a lot of petals at one time, even if I don't need all of them for the project I am working on.  

Using Nuvo bright pink hybrid ink, the center of all the petals were sponged on both the front and back.  Leave the tips of the petals white.

Once all the petals were sponged with the bright pink ink, Nuvo Hybrid dark purple ink was sponged on, leaving some of the pink showing toward the tips.  Next all the petals were shaped and assembled.  On this card there are 2 large mums, 1 medium and 2 buds.

Using an older Garden Notes die set, lilacs were created.  Light purple card stock was die cut and the edges of the petals were sponged with Nuvo Hybrid dark purple ink.  

To assemble the arrangement, an ECD leafy branch was die cut and placed in the basket, then the lilacs.  The dahlias were attached using dimensional glue dot then the dahlia buds added.  

The sentiment and butterfly are from the the Tonic Craft Kit #29.  

Friday, January 31, 2020

Foamiran Lilac Tutorial

I recently had a birthday and my dear friend Eva, from the Netherlands, sent me a lot of different colors of Foamiran. Thank you Eva.   I was very excited to receive these as mosrt of you know, I love to create flowers with Foamiran because when completed, they look and feel like real flowers.  Working with Foamiran can be a little time consuming but so well worth the end results.  

Below I have completed a tutorial to show exactly how I created this beautiful flower.  Before I explain the process I want to tell you about the card.  I used a piece of the Tonic Studios Speciality Card, Pearl Damask, Embossed Card and die cut the corner design using the Tim Holtz Sizzix #660220.  The purple backing is a piece of the Tonic Craft Perfect Amethyst  Weave Texture Card.  

The Dragon Fly was die cut using a die from the Tonic Craft Kit 29Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter, Night Fever, was added to the die cut.  A thin layer of Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive was spread over the dragon fly and glitter sprinkled over.  

The large leaves behind the flowers were die cut using the Tonic Verso Autumnal Oak die set.  The small white flowers were pulled out of my die cut flower stash. Susan's Yellow Prills were added in the center.  For small leaves behind these white flowers, I used Susan's Beauty Berry Bush die set and die cut one branch, colored the leaves, then cut the small leaves off and used around the little white flowers.

Now for the Tutorial on how to create these beautiful lilacs.

This is a close up picture of the Lilacs I created with lavender Foamiran.  The dies used were from an older set of Susan Tierney-Cockburn's Lilac die set.  

All the small lilac flowers were die cut using lavender Foamiran.  I wanted to add a darker purple on the edges of all these petals.  In order to accomplish this, I used a piece of thick floral wire and pushed the wire through the center of each small flower.  You can see the flowers on the wire in the lower left corner of this picture.

I had to add flowers to the wire three times because I was coloring a lot of flowers.  Push the flowers close together and use a sponge dauber and dark purple ink and sponge the color all over the edges.  When the flowers are pushed close together this is an easy way to get the color on the edges quickly.  You need to sponge up on one side, then sponge down the opposite direction so you ink both the top and bottom of each petal.  

This is how the petals will look when you push them off the wire.  

You need an iron to heat the foamiran.  Pick up one flower with tweezers and hold for just a few seconds next to the iron.  This will cause the petals to slightly curl in.

Once the petals are heated on the iron, quickly place on a molding mat and push down in the center with a small stylus to cup each flower. Once you push them way down to cup, leave them in the mat and the flowers will cool and hold their shape.   I used an old molding mat as I found the heated flower and pushing down in the molding mat, caused small holes in the mat.  You could probably do this step in a sponge.

Die cut two of the lilac base pieces.  Shape with the ball stylus to cup each piece.  You need two pieces to make this base sturdy for the flowers.  Only add glue around the outside edges of one die cut piece then add the second die cut piece.  Use your fingers to shape each flower base in a dome shape.  You don't want your lilacs to just be flat.  This step will give you a nice rounded base.

Starting at the base, start adding the Foamiran lilac flowers.

I normally have used a hot glue gun when I make Foamiran flowers, however, I found that Aileen's Clear Tacky Glue worked much better for this flower.  Add a thick layer of glue, to about a half inch wide, then use tweezeres and start adding  the flowers.  This glue will allow you to slide the flowers close together.  Yeah!  No burned finders or glue strings!!!   This shows one of the flowers completed.

This picture shows working from the base to the tip of the flower.  

The lilac leaves were die cut using white Foamiran.  Susan's Leaf Tool was used to draw a line down the center of each leaf.  To color the leaves, place on a green ink pad.  Use a sponge dauber that has green ink on it, and press down into the ink pad.  This will color the top of the leaf and also the bottom of the leaf at the same time.  Use tweezers to pull off the ink pad.  No ink on your fingers doing it this way.   To shape the leaves, fold the leaf in half on the score line.  Place the base of it on the hot iron for a second, then pinch the folded based to create the crease in the leaf.  Place the tip of the leaf back on the hot iron for a second and it will curl down slightly, giving the leaf a nice shape.  You can add a little red or rush ink on the leaves if you want.

What do you think of this Foamiran Lilac.  I hope this tutorial is helpful so you can create these beautiful flowers.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gathering Basket of Flowers

Today I designed a card using items I have in my "Extra" box of Susan's flowers.  They are items I created and saved when they were extra things not needed on the project I was working on.

The card base is one of the Tonic Studios 6x6 white card blanks.  I love the weight of these cards for the base card.  The package comes with cards and envelopes.  

For the design paper behind the basket of flowers, I used one of the sheets from the Tonic Studios Dream In Color 6x6 card packs.  It was trimmed down.  The corner and sentiment die cuts were die cut from dies I received when I purchased my Gemni die cutting machine.  This is the first time I have used these dies. The little hearts and border along the bottom were pulled out from my stash of old die cuts.

Small violets, I previously created, were pulled from my box of extra flowers.

I should have stopped, but I have so many 'extra' flowers, I decided to add some of Susan's Daisies and Cherry Blossom flowers to fill the basket. This basket is over-flowing with flowers! In the center of the daisies, I added Susan's Yellow Pollen, then added a drop of Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive, and sprinkled on a few of Susan's Yellow Prills.  

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Birthday Card

Yesterday I posted a card using some of the butterflies from the Tonic Studios Craft Kit #29.  Today I have another card using the large corner die from this kit.

For my birthday, I received the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System, foil metal plates, and some of the different foils.  I used this system to add foiling to my card.

I used a piece of light gold mirror card stock for the front of this card.  A piece of  Spellbinders Sparkly Silver Foil  was placed over the corner die, which comes in the Tonic Craft Kit,  heated, then run through the die cutting machine - following directions on how to foil with the Glimmer Hot Foil System.  This created a pretty, foiled outline of the die. 

I also received the Spellbinders Happiest Birthday Glimmer Hot Foil Plate and used it for the black foiled sentiment on the upper right side of the card.

The corner die was used again to die cut the dragonflies and butterfly out of Tonic Speciality Card, Silver Silk, Luxury Embossed Card.  One dragonfly was attached, along the body, over the same dragonfly in the foiled design on the card front.  The butterfly was attached the same way.  The other dragonfly was attached under the sentiment.  

For an additional embellishement, a flower was added in the lower left corner.  I used Susan's Spider Mum die set from Tonic Studios.


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