Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pom Pom Dahlias

I have a 12x12"  Stamperia design paper pad called Lilac Flowers.  This pad has a lot of beautiful papers that I almost hated to cut up, but I brought myself to cut one of the sheets to create this beautiful background for Susan's Garden Notes Pom Pom Dahlias.

This is a 6" square card.  I cut the design paper down to fit on the front of the card and used a Zutter Distresser to distress the edges of it.  It was layered on two shades of purple card stock.

Three Garden Notes Pom Pom Dahlias were created and attached to the lower right corner.  Dahlia leaves were attached under the flowers.  I have a tutorial on my blog at this LINK on how I created the Pom Pom Dahlias.  The design paper has enough design, that I felt nothing else was needed to complete the card.


Thursday, May 28, 2020


It is daffodil time, and is easy to create beautiful daffodils using Susan's Garden Notes Daffodil die set to create springtime cards. 

For the background I used red and orange Distress Inks to create a marbled background.
A large rectangle die was used to die cut an opening in a piece of white card stock to create a window.  The edges were taped off and sprayed with an orange ink.  This piece was glued over the colored background.

Three daffodils were created using the Garden Notes Daffodil die set.  Susan's Bouquet Stems die was used for the stems.  The leaves were die cut using white card stock and green ink sponged on.  They were lightly spritzed with water and shaped.  A piece of brown card stock was used to create the ground for the flowers.

A small rectangle die was used to die cut a small white rectangle to fit inside the large die cut rectangle.  One of  Susan's old verse stamps was used for the sentiment.  This piece was added to the center of the large die cut opening, using dimensional tape.  A black pearl was added to the corner of this small rectangle.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

With Sympathy

Today I want to send my deepest condolences to Catherine Baity who lost her father to Covid19.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.   She is one of Susan's Garden Club Members.  

Monday, May 25, 2020


Today I designed a card using Susan's Garden Notes Hydrangea die set.  Three hydrangeas were created on the card, then stems drawn on with a colored pencil.  Light blue PanPasrtel was sponged on behind the hydrangea branch.

If you need help in knowing how to create the Hydrangea, you can watch Susan's Garden Club Video on Facebook at this Link.     

Susan will have a new die release in September through Spellbinders.  She will not only have Garden Notes die sets but other products, including a new Tool Kit.  When the new products are released, I will have links to all products used.  

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Pom Pom Dahlias

I love creating the Pom Pom Dahlia using Susan's Garden Notes Dahlia die set.  It is a rainy day without much to do, so I created dahlias in a variety of colors. The true colors are not showing up very well in photos today.   For each flower, I die cut the petals out of white card stock and sponged on ink.  The two lower petals on each flower is a light color, then a slightly darker color on the next two layers of petals, and a darker shade in the very middle.  For the white dahlia, all the petals are white except the two smaller size petals  in the center - an very light yellow was used for the next to smallest petals, and a very light green ink used on just one of the very smallest petals.  By lightly spritzing the petals with water just before shaping, the rolled shape will hold.  Be sure to let the petals dry thoroughly before gluing the layers together so you don't lose the shape.   

For my first card, I used a yellow, red, and orange pom pom dahlia.  

The sentiment is a Tonic Studio die.  I don't remember where I got the lacy die cut behind the flowers.  

Friday, May 22, 2020

Asters on Inter-Lock Double Concertina Card

I watched a YouTube video by Sam Calcott UK - Mixed Up Craft, at this LINK where she created a Inter-Lock Concertina Card.  I was intrigued by this card design and tried to duplicate it.  Of course, I wanted to decorate the front with flowers created with Susan's Garden Notes dies.

I found a piece of design paper by Heartfelt Creations (from years ago) with small purple flowers in the design.  The flowers looked like asters.  I wanted to duplicate the same flowers for the center panel on the front of the card.  I was happy with how well the flowers match the design paper.

I followed the directions on the video to create the Inter-Lock Double Concertina Card.  I used a stamp and a die from my stash to decorate the inside.  The card folds flat for mailing.

This is a view of the card, when looking down from the top.  I think it will be a fun card for my friend to receive.

If you like to create different shaped card, I think you will have fun working with this design.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Tutorial for White Gerbera Daisies

I have a confession to make.   I created gerbera daisies and posted the card here on by blog a few days ago.  When I started to write up the blog post, I realized I had not added one of the die cuts for the center of the flower.  The glue had dried on the flowers, and I could not pull the centers out to add the largest die cut pieces. Since I had gone that far with the post, I went ahead and published that post.   Someone asked if I had written up a tutorial on how to create the white gerberas, so I created more white gerberas  and have a tutorial for you on this post.    Susan's Garden Notes Gerbera Daisy die set was used to create these flowers.

To create each flower, three layers of petals were used - two of one die cut and one of the other, which was placed in the center.  Also I die cut three each of the three pieces for the center for each flower (called floral disc).  I wasn't sure I would need that many, but I would always like to have too many pieces die cut than to have to go back and die cut more once I start assembling my flowers.  I save any pieces not used in a little container for future use.  All the pieces were die cut out of white card stock except the smallest pieces for the very center -- charcoal gray card stock was used for those die cuts.

Using Tim Holtz fine tip scissors, each of the spokes on the center die cuts (all 3 sizes) were cut in half to give a frilly appearance when shaped.  I ended up using three of the largest  and smallest die cuts for the center and only two of the middle die cuts.  

 After the spokes were clipped on the middle disk florets, the tips were dipped in glue then dipped in Polar White Flower Soft.  It only takes a small amount of the flower soft.  Two of these pieces were glued together, alternating the spokes.  The smallest ball stylus was used to press down in the center to cup this piece.  Three of the gray die cuts were glued together, alternating the spokes, then cupped well to fit in the very center of the flower.

This is how the flower looked after the two white disk florets were added.  Press down in the center, with the ball stylus on the molding mat, to cup the flower.  Add glue to the bottom of the gray die cuts and glue in the center.  Fluff up the white florets around the gray centers. 

These flowers are one of my favorite daisies.  They come in many beautiful colors.  I hope this tutorial helps you so you can create them for your projects.  

Thursday, May 14, 2020

White Gerbera Daisies

I saw some white Gerbera Daisies at the nursery and decided to create some for a card using Susan's Garden Notes Gerbera Daisy die set.

This is a 6 inch card.  A piece of green and white gingham card stock was used for the background.  Since the daisies are white,  I used a dark green oval die cut for the background.

Three Gerbera Daisies were die cut, shaped and assembled.  For the background I used an old die from Memory Box for the leafy foilage.  Gerbera Leaves were glued under the flowers.  I very seldom use sequins, but decided to add a few green sequins around this arrangement.  

Susan's older die sets are very hard to find right now, so I have not added links to products.  She will have a new release this September and I will add links to all her new products at that time.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Purple and White Flowers

Today I wanted to create a purple and white bouquet.  For this arrangement  I used a large variety of Susan's Garden Notes die sets:  Shasta Daisy, Fever Few, Lilac, Bouquet & Stems, Baby's Breath, Leafy Berry Branch, Wheat Sheath, and Potted.  Some of the die cuts were used for things other than the original purpose.

Here is a picture of the die cut pieces for this arrangement.  

The Bouquet & Stems die cut was cut in half so I could spread out the Shasta Daisies.  The Wheat Sheaths were cut down each of the long wheat ends because I wanted them to represent long grass, which I used as a filler.  The Leafy Berry Branch was used as stems for purple flowers, which I glued on the small lilac flowers.  These two branches were cut apart before adding to the arrangement.  

The Garden Notes Fever Few die set was used to create small purple flowers.  Pollen was added to the center of these flowers, then attached to a branch of the Baby's Breath (the Baby's Breath Branch was cut apart).  The Fever Few leaves were attach to these stems.

This is a 5x7 inch card.  The Clay Pot was attached to the bottom of the card.  All the die cut flowers and fillers were attached.  When creating the arrangement, some of the flowers were overlapped to create depth.  

Have you tried to use some of the Garden Note die sets to create something different in your flower arrangements?

Monday, May 4, 2020

Bouquet of Carnations

I was going through my Garden Notes die sets to find something I have not worked on for a while.  I decided to work with Susan's Carnation die set (1191).  This bouquet has light and dark pink carnations.  I usually always die cut my flowers using white card stock.  For these flowers I used a light pink card stock and sponged a bright pink ink at the base of the petals, and for the other one, I used a bright pink card stock.  The stems used were die cut using the Garden Notes Bouquet Stems & Branches die set (1190).  The vase was created using Susan's Garden Notes Glass Hurricane & Candle die set (1142).  I die cut the Glass Hurricane then cut a portion of it off to look like a vase.  It was die cut using a piece of woodgrain cardstock from my stash.  Gray ink was sponged around the edges.

I was not sure how many petals I would need for this flower, but thought probably 3 large, 2 of the next two sizes, and 1 of the smallest.  Just in case I might need an extra one, I die cut three of all sizes except the smallest.  These are the light pink with the dark pink centers.  I did not put ink on the three largest petals.

Before I started shaping the petals, they were lightly misted with water on the opposite side from where I was going to use the loop tool to shape (the backside).  The petals were shaped with the loop tool from Susan's Tool Kit.  They were shaped to cup up.  All the petals were shaped this way.  The petals are damp after this shaping.  Before continuing, I used the heat tool to completely dry the petals.  You can let them air dry if you aren't in a hurry to continue. 

The reason I wanted to have the petals completely dry is because the water will harden the paper to hold its shape much better.  In this picture the petals on the right have been shaped as explained below.  The petals on the left have just been shaped with the loop tool.

I wanted the carnation petals to be kind of wavy rather than just smooth, which would give them more fullness.  I used my fingernails to 'scrunch' up the ends of the petals.  This was done on all the petals.  

I know I do this different than Susan - I like to make most of my flowers on a craft mat rather than right on my project.  For this flower, I glued the three largest petals together, alternating the petals for a full effect.

For the next two size petals, only two layers were glued together.  (I didn't use that 3rd petal of that size.)  This was also done for the next smallest size.  The smallest group of petals was just cupped up by pressing down in the center with a small ball stylus and pinched at the base so it would hold the cupped shape.

Here is a picture of each of the three sizes of petals glued together., before assembling the flower.  There are two extra pieces not used at the bottom of the picture.

This is a side view of the three different sizes of petals glued together before gluing them together to make the completed carnation.

Add glue to the bottom of the next to largest set of petals and set in the center of the largest petals, pressing down with a ball stylus.  Do this with the next set of petals, then glue in the small center group of petals.  To see of you like the fullness of the petals, place the petals down in the flower before adding glue.  If you think it needs one of the extra petals you made, you can glue that to the bottom of the group before attaching them inside the base.  

I hope I have inspired to create this pretty flower if you have this die set.  

It is hard now to find many of Susan's die sets, so I am not adding links to any of the products I used.  She will have a new release in September and I will start adding links to all the products I use.  

Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Picasso Calla Lilies

Today I saw a picture of some Picasso Calla Lilies and tried to recreate them.  I used Susan's Garden Notes Calla Lily die set.  The flowers are an off white with shades of purple on the inside.  The leaves on this Lily have white specks on them.  

Here is the picture of the Picasso Calla Lilies I tried to duplicate.

For the vase I used Susan's Trevi Urn die set and die cut it using gray card stock.  I used a piece of Washi Tape from Altenew to cover it.  The Urn was attached with double sided dimensional tape in the center of the vase to give it a rounded shape.  

The Garden Notes Calla Lily die set was used to die cut three lilies out of ivory cardstock.  Two shades of purple ink was used to color the lilies.  A fine line marker was used to add the speckles at the top of the sponged on purple inks.  The flowers were shaped with the flower tool kit.  

To recreate the speckled leaves, I used a VersaMark Pen to add the small lines to the white die cut leaves.  Clear Embossing Powder was used over the leaves and heat set.  Green ink was sponged on both the front and back of the leaves.  The embossed areas stayed white.  The leaves were then shaped using the flower tools.

To complete this arrangement, Garden Notes Dogwoods, Maidenhair Fern and Ivy was also added.

I love the challenge of seeing something I have not created before, and trying to duplicate it.  These lilies are not perfect, but it was fun working on them.

As I have said in the past, it is very hard to find any of Susan's Garden Notes die sets, so I have not included links to products.  Susan will have a new release in a few months and we will have many new flower die sets to work with.  I will start adding links to products again as soon as these new dies are released.

Friday, May 1, 2020


Today I decided to create a flower I haven't created for a while.  These flowers were created with Susan's Garden Notes Helenium die set.  I used the Garden Notes Leafy Berry Branch for a little filler behind the flowers.


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