Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pink and White Arrangement on Textured Background

Good Morning.  Today I have a card with a variety of flowers made with Susan's Autumn Flora die sets:  Gaillardia, Daisy Chrysanthemums, Autumn Hydrangea, Rosemary and Berry Branches.

To create the background, I used a chicken wire stencil and taped it down on a piece of black card stock, then spread texture paste over it.  The stencil was removed and allowed to dry while creating flowers.  Once dry, the edges of this piece were distressed.

Using the Foliage & Ladybug die set, five rosemary branches were die cut, using white card stock and sponged green,  They were shaped with the leaf tool.  Two berry branches were die cut, sponged green and Nuvo Autumn Red Crystal Drops used to create the berries.  

A gaillardia, a pink and white daisy chrysanthemum and one autumn hydrangea were created for the arrangement.  Susan has YouTube videos for all her Spellbinders Autumn Flora die sets giving instructions on how to create all these flowers.

I have provided links below for Susan's Autumn Flora die sets and links to some products I use.  If you use any of the links below to buy products, I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you - this will  help me purchase products to create my cards.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Shadow Box Bouquet

Good Morning!  

Today I have a Shadow Box Card.  The instructions for the Shadow Box are on Susan's Garden Club Facebook Video at this LINK.

To decorate the Shadow Box I used the Spellbinders Amazing Grace Annabelle's Trousseau and Adoria Square Shadowbox Frame Etched Die sets.  The corners are from the Annabelle's Trousseau die set and the pretty die cut in the center of the frame is the Adoria Square Shadowbox Frame Etched die cut.  They were both attached using Permanent Adhesive Dot Runner.  

Behind the flowers I added the leafy branch from Susan's Foliage & Ladybug die set.  Pink Nuvo Drops were added for the berries.

The flowers created for the frame include an Autumn Hydrangea, White Coreopsis, and pink Daisy Chrysanthemums.  These dies are also from Susan's Autumn Flora release from Spellbinders.

This is a 6x6 inch shadow box frame, which will fit into one of the clear acrylic boxes.  

Below are links to products used to create this project.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

3-D Daisy Chrysanthemum Card

Good Morning,

Today I have a very different shaped card.  I used the Spellbinders, Amazing Paper Grace, Grand Holiday Cabinet die set for my card base.  This is actually a die set with a Holiday Greeting that is used on the front panel, but I eliminated that die cut piece and used the Cabinet die cuts to display purple Daisy Chrysanthemums using Susan's new Autumn Floral die sets.  It is nice to be able to get creative and use your dies for something other than what they were originally designed for!

Using the
Grand Holiday Cabinet die set, five panels were die cut without the sentiment die, using white card stock.  The larger outline die was used to die cut one purple backing.  You can see the different layers in the picture above.  

For the quote on the inside of the card, I used Susan's Autumn Quotes clear stamp set.  The quote was stamped on the die cut from the center of the decorative panels.  It was sponged around the edges with purple ink, using a sponge dauber, and attached on the back purple panel using Adhesive Foam Squares.  The die cut panels were then inserted in the side panels with one of the panels attached to the top.  This is a very easy cabinet to create.  I do recommend using a heavier card stock such as 100 lb.  

Using Susan's Foliage & Ladybug die set, four eucalyptus branches were die cut using white card stock.  Green ink was brushed on the stem and base of the leaves.  Two branches were attached to the upper left side of the cabinet, and two branches on the lower right side.  Using the same die set, a berry branch was die cut.  It was sponged with green and brown inks then white Nuvo Crystal Drops added for berries.  The branch was cut apart and pieces attached over the eucalyptus leaves.

Susan's Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set was used to create three purple daisy chrysanthemums. Two shades of purple ink was brushed on to color the flowers.   Prills were added to the center.   The chrysanthemum leaves were sponged green, shaped and placed under the flowers.

This card folds flat and will fit into a clear acrylic box, but is a 3-D card that is beautiful when opened and will display well on a shelf or mantel.  

Links to the products used are shown below.  If you use any of the links to purchase products, I will earn a small commission that will help me replenish my supplies, but this does not cost you anything extra.  I appreciate you visiting my blog today and thank you for your support.

Saturday, October 17, 2020


This is a 6x6 inch card.  On the front I added a piece of rust colored card stock cut slightly smaller.  It was embossed with an old embossing folder in my stash.  

The Spellbinders Amazing Grace Picot Petite Oval Etched die set was used for the white die cut behind the arrangement.  It was attached with dimensional tape.

The Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut the berry branch.  It was sponged brown.  The plate of bittersweet coverings was used to die cut pale yellow coverings.  I colored small white pearls with alcohol markers and used them for the berries.

The Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut two more berry branches.  These branches were sponged brown then green ink sponged on top.  Nuvo Pumpkin Crystal Drops were added for the orange berries.  

The Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut two eucalyptus branches.  They were sponged light green.  

The Coreopsis die set was used to create yellow and orange flowers.  

Susan's Autumn Quotes stamp set was used for the quote.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


With Susan's new Autumn Flora die sets from Spellbinders, there are so many different arrangements you can create for your cards or craft projects.  Today I created a wreath using Susan's Nandina die (leafy branch)  from her Foliage & Ladybug die set.  

The Nandina was die cut using white card stock.  All the branches were brushed with green ink then red ink was brushed over the green ink on half the branches.  In the Fall, these branches can turn bright red.  The branches were then arranged in the shape of a wreath on a piece of design paper.  The green and red branches were alternated around the wreath.

Very soon, Spellbinders will be adding the white card stock Susan uses for die cutting her flowers as well as the Pollen used for the stamens.  As soon as these products are available, I will link them down below in my product list.  

The Berry Branch, from the Foliage & Ladybug die set was die cut and red berries were added.  I used Autumn Red Nuvo Crystal Drops for the berries.  Be sure to prepare these branches in advance so the berries can dry before adding them to your card.  

Pink and white Daisy Chrysanthemums were created using the Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set.  The flowers and leaves were arranged on the wreath.  For instructions on how to create the Daisy Chrysanthemums, you can watch Susan's YouTube Spellbinders Daisy Chrysanthemum video at this LINK.

I have linked products I use below.  If you purchase from these links, I will receive a small commission, with no additional cost to you, to purchase supplies I need to complete my cards.  Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support.

Have fun crafting!

Friday, October 9, 2020


Poppies are such pretty flowers.  Today I created pink and burgundy poppies using Susan's new Poppy die set from Spellbinders.

For the background I used Spellbinders Vintage Starburst Valance & Gatefold die set.  On the top portion of the card stock, the starburst was die cut into a piece of white card stock.  For the colorful background, I used a piece of glossy card stock and sprinkled on Nuvos Shimmer Powders, Cherry Bomb and Meterorite Shower.  First the card stock was spritzed with water using one of the Ranger Mini Mister Spray bottles, then the Shimmer Powders added and spritzed again.  This background was attached to the back of the die cut opening, then attached to the card front.

Susan's Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut 5 eucalyptus branches.  These were attached below the die cut design.  Two berry branches were die cut and White Nuvo Drops were added for the berries.  A black fine tip pen was used to add the black dot in the middle of each berry.  

The five poppies were added along with two poppy buds. For the poppy assembly, you can watch Susan's YouTube Video at this LINK. The poppy leaves were added around the flowers.

To finish off the design, a velvet bow was added at the bottom of the arrangement.

This card is going to a dear friend who just lost her mother.   

Monday, October 5, 2020

Framed Autumn Flowers

Today I have a framed autumn arrangement.  On Susan's Garden Club Live Facebook video she gave instructions on how to create this frame.  

After completing the frame, the Spellbinders Adoria Square Shadowbox die cut was used for the background.  It was die cut using white card stock then sponged with Distress Tea Dye Ink.

The Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set was used to create five flowers and the Gaillardia die set used to create one larger flower.  

Behind the flowers the Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut Rosemary, a berry branch and the ladybug.

The Woodland Garden Leaves die set was used to die cut maple and oak leaves.  These leaves were colored autumn colors then a clear glaze was brushed on top.

Susan's Autumn Quotes stamp set was used for the quote at the top of the arrangement.  At the bottom of the arrangement, gold cording was used for the bow.

Thanks for stopping by today.  

Product links are provided below.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Pink Daisy Chrysanthemums

Would a bouquet of Daisy Chrysanthemums handed to you make you smile?  

This was a fun card to design.  Using a 6 inch square card base, a piece of pink design paper covered the front.  The Spellbinders Picot Petite Oval die set was used for the large oval.  The Spellbinders Handing You A Smile die set was used for the hand.  It was die cut using two shades of light tan card stock.  Pink Pearls were added to the wrist.  White pearls were used,  that were colored with a pink Copic marker.

Susan's Button/Daisy Chrysanthemum die set was used to create three pink daisy chrysanthemums. They were die cut using white card stock then sponged with two different shades of pink ink.   In the center of the daisies, yellow Prills were added.

The Foliage & Ladybug die set was used to die cut four branches of leaves.  They were sponged green and then shaped with tweezers.  One of Susan's old bouquet stem die sets was used for the flower stems. (There is a flower stem in this die set.) The stems were attached behind the fingers of the hand, with glue.  The hand was attached with dimensional squares, to give it dimension.  The leafy branches were glued behind the top of the flowers.  Spellbinders Becca Feeken's Annabelle's Trousseau Layering Frame die set was used for the corners and the die cut design at the bottom of the card.  Part of the larger die cut was cut down a little, to fit on this card.  A few pearls were added to the corners. 

I appreciate your visit to my blog.  I have added links to products below that I use.  If you purchase from my links, I will receive a small commission without any extra expense to you.  This little commission helps me replenish my supplies. 
Thank you.


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