Monday, August 20, 2012

Build A Flower Baby's Breath

I caught a nasty cold since coming home from our trip.  Seems this is so easy to do when you fly - at least it happened after we got home!  I know you are anxious to see more of the Build A Flower #2 components so this is the card I created for you today. 

Other flowers you can create with the new Cheery Lynn dies are roses, rosebuds, and baby's breath.  The largest flower petals on the Build A Flower "B187" die were used for the rose and the largest 5-point flower base from "B188" Embellishment die.  The rose was made by creating  5 separate layers, then they were all stacked. Once the rose was completed, I sprayed it with Perfect Pearls Mist "Pink Gumball" to give it a shimmer.  I used red card stock but love how the pink Perfect Pearls show up on the red.    I prepared a  tutorial on how to build a rose in a previous blog post so to keep this post short, I didn't do another one.  I used punches in my old tutorials but the same steps are taken using the die cut petals.  The rosebuds were made by using one of the elongated petals, and 5 or 6 small flower petals from the "B187" BAF plate.  The number of petals you use will depend on how large you want your rosebud. This set also contains the rose stem and rose leaves.   Below I will show you how I created the baby's breath.  The doily used for the rose is one of the Spellbinders "Romantic Rectangles".  The beautiful sentiment is from the new JustRite "Just The Right Words" design by Becca.  There are many, many beautiful sentiments in this set. 

 I like to die cut my baby's breath stem using white card stock then lightly sponge it with "Scattered Straw" Distress Ink.  

 In this picture I have die cut two stems and die cut the little flowers four times.  You can add as many of the little flowers to the stem as you like.  I like to add a lot so that is why I die cut it twice for each stem.  You will need tweezers and glue.  I like to use the self-closing tweezers from the Flower Tool Kit and "Glue N' Seal" for the adhesive.  To make your little flowers realistic, be sure to push down on the shaping mat,in the very center of each flower, with a small stylus. This will "cup" each flower.  When you put these little flowers on the mat to shape, don't worry about which side is up - it won't make a difference.

It isn't necessary, but I like to brush the Glue n' Seal over the branch, then I also put a little amount on my Teflon Craft Mat.  After brushing the glue over the stem, I pick up a little flower with the tweezers, then dip the back of it into the glue on the mat, then place it on the stem.  I usually press it down with a very small stylus to be sure it sticks.  You can just add a little glue to the back of the flower and not put glue over the entire stem, but I feel I get a better "connection" when they are double glued.  I work on the Teflon Craft Sheet and let the stem dry before pulling it up.  Once dry, it will pull right off.

Here you can see how I start adding the flowers to the stem.

In this picture you can see I brushed glue over the stem, and you can see the little dab of glue on the right side I dip each flower into before adding it to the stem.  You can add as many flowers as you want, depending on how full you want your baby's breath.  I like to fill the stem, then go back and add more to fill in any open spaces.  Each sprig will turn out a little different depending on the placement of the flowers.  This is great because you don't want them all to be identical. 

 Here is a closeup of the baby's breath on this card.  I am very excited about this part of the new Build A Flower #2 dies because I have always wanted this extra filler, especially when I create cards with roses.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Cheery Lynn "Build A Flower #2" (B187)
Cheery Lynn "Build A Flower #2 embellishments (B188)
JustRite "Just the Right Words" sentiments stamp set (AG04015)
Spellbinders "Romantic Rectangles (S5-090)
Perfect Pearls Mist "Pink Gumball"
Distress Ink "Scattered Straw"
Glue N' Seal adhesive (the small bottle has a brush on the lid)
Flower Tool Kit
Teflon Craft Mat


Sue said...

This is stunning, I love the rose and the delicate baby's breathe is so beautiful.
I hope you feel better soon


Anonymous said...

Hello Selma. This is very beautiful. Sorry to hear about the cold.
Cheers, Christine.

debby4000 said...

Beautiful and gorgeous.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Hi Selma hope you're feeling better very soon. Another stunning flower and card. Loving the Baby's Breath too.

Love Sheila xx

Unknown said...

Love your card with the new dies. The baby's breath is beautiful even though a little tedious to assemble. Hope you are feeling better!!

ednamburgess said...

Very beautiful. Love the baby breath. Edna

Memaw said...

I am so sorry to hear you are sick, hope you are feeling better soon.
I doubt I am the first to tell you how wonderful BAF plates are but I will share with you the fact that when you have time on your hands and not at home how easy it is to take the three plates and make ton's of flowers with little weight and lots of containers. Don't get me wrong love the punches and sure them of lots of other things (as well as some flowers) but BAF plates are a
wonderful change. A ton of flowers do not have the weight of the punches.
Thanks again so much

Anonymous said...

You do GREAT work, Selma -- so homey and sweet. Love your lacy touches on your other cards. Thank you. Laurie

Margot-craftcorner said...

I love all your cards:)so beautiful:)

Cathy Lane said...

LOVE your baby breath tutorial :)Thanks for sharing :)


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