Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Blog Award

Today I received an award from my friend Olga.
Thank you Olga for presenting me with this pretty award. Now this award comes with some conditions. I have to tell you 5 things I like to do then pass this award on to more 5 people.
Here are the 5 things I like to do:
1. I love spending time with my family.
2. I love to spend time stamping/blogging
3. I love to travel
4. I love to visit with friends
5. I love to read
Here are 5 Bloggers I am passing this on to:
Mary Anne
Linda Payne


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Thanks, Selma! Olga gifted me with the same badge! I am thrilled that you thought of me also. That was very sweet! When I get it to my side bar I will note it from both of you.

Priscilla said...

Aww thank you so much Selma..YOU are so SWEET!!! how are you doing?? I have added it to my blog here
When I get some time, I will follow up with all my awards. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart....
If you get changes, come play with us you past GOLD STAR winner you!!! :)
Midnight Madness Sketch Challenges

NinaB said...

Thank you for the award, Selma. I'm honored to received it. That is so sweet of you. I hope you are having a super creative week!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Oh thankyou so much selma for thinking of me!! I love it! it's beautiful!! I'm Sooooooooo sorry it took me this long! I'm such a dork! I was at work when I got your message on my blog and I COMPLETELY forgot to come back and get it when I got home! So, again, thankyou and I have it now. I'm going to go post it right now. :)


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