Saturday, March 23, 2019

Yellow Calla Lilies

Good Morning.  I hope you are having a nice weekend.

Create the layered background for this card by using four of the Elizabeth Craft Designs rectangle die sets.  Use the largest Stitched rectangle and die cut one rectangle, using white card stock.  Use the Postage Stamp die set for the next rectangle, the Dashing Rectangle one size smaller than the Postage Stamp,  then the Dotted Scallop Rectangles.  Sponge the edges of the largest rectangle using yellow green ink.  Sponge the Postage Stamp rectangle using yellow ink.  Leave the edges of the Dashing Rectangle white.  Sponge yellow green ink on the edges of the small Scallop Rectangle.  Layer all the rectangles together, using dimensional tape.  Attach the rectangles to the front of the card.

Use the Garden Notes Maidenhair Fern die set and die cut 2 large and 2 small ferns.  Attach to the front of the card, inside the smallest rectangle.  I die cut the leaves using white card stock and sponged on green ink.  Use the Fine Pointed Tweezers to pinch each of the leaves on the fern to create dimension.

Use the Garden Notes Calla Lily die set and create three lilies.  I used yellow card stock to die cut the flowers then used the yellow orange PanPastel to shade the inside of each flower.  Shape the flowers using the Flower Tool Kit. Shade the base of the lilies using Yellow green then darker green PanPastels.   Die cut the stamen using white card stock.  Color the top with a yellow marker and the stem with green ink.  Shape the stamen and glue the two pieces together.  Add yellow Pollen to the stamen. Push the stamen down inside the lily. Attach the three flowers over the Maidenhair Fern.  Die cut the lily leaves, shape, and attach to the base of the flowers.  

Use the Garden Notes Feverfew die set to create the 6 little white flowers.  Glue the white flowers around the calla lily arrangement.

Create a bow and attach to the base of the flower arrangement.

Links to the products used are listed below.


Late Blooming said...

Selma, You really need to do avideo on the lily.some of having trouble getting it to look smooth.Yours are beautiful.

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma- Spring is coming because your flowers are a sight to see!

Suzzette Yandle said...

Beautiful Selma. Your art work is superb. I have never seem more perfect paper calla lilies.


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