Friday, August 16, 2013

Susan's Garden Peony and Violets

I have been gone for a few days.  I decided to take my daughter on a little "mini" vacation.  She had reconstructive surgery one her left foot back in March then the same surgery on her right foot the beginning of July. This surgery required 7 incisions on her foot and one on her lower leg; some very long.  Since that first surgery, she has not been able to walk  and has had to keep at least one foot elevated above her heart most of the time.  She has two more weeks before she will be able to walk again.  She can get around on a medical scooter.  But there is more bad news!   She will be having surgery on her spine in a couple of weeks due to injuries received from the auto accident we were in back in January. The injury is very serious and must be done.   It will be a very painful recovery and will take at least six months to recover, then she will have to go back for another back surgery, a little lower,  as soon as she is healed enough from the first back surgery.  This means another year of recovery for her.  I wanted to get her out of the house for a little recreation before she starts another recovery, so I took her up to Flathead Lake in Montana; what beautiful country.  We were limited as to what we could do because getting around on a scooter is not very easy sometimes, but she had a wonderful time.  We saw tons of gorgeous scenery in Montana and even found some great restaurants. The area around the lake has many, many cherries tree farms and we even found fresh huckleberries, which we both love.   We were amazed at all the beautiful hanging baskets in all the towns we visited.  It made me want to come home and create lots of flowers!

So, creating flowers is what I did this afternoon.  My card today was created using the Susan's Garden "Peony" and "Pansy/violet" dies.  The background paper is from the Webster's Pages "Your Life Beautiful" pad.  The Peony and Violets were made just like Susan's shows on her videos, which you can view at Joan's Gardens.  Behind the Peony, I added the Memory Box "Trellis Border".  The small foliage was die cut using the Impression Obsession " foliage" die.  The two butterflies were die cut using the Memory Box "Peppi Butterfly", The "Kaleidoscope Butterfly", and the "Moonlight Butterfly".  

To color both the center of the peony and the violets, I used Susan's Gardens Pan Pastels and in the center of the violets I used the green Viva Paper Pen from the Susan's Garden "Paper Pen Set".  The flowers were shaped using the Susan's Garden "Flower Tool Kit".    I couldn't resist creating some little lady bugs using the Susan's Garden "Lady Bug Kit".  

I hope you like this card as much as I do, and I hope you are enjoying using your Susan's Garden flower dies to create beautiful flowers as much as I do!

Products used:

Susan's Garden "Peony" dies, 658423
Susan's Garden "Pansy/Violet" dies, 658419
Susan's Garden "Paper Pen Set"
Susan's Garden "Flower Tool Kit"
Susan's Garden "Ladybug Kit"
Impression Obsession "foliage", DIE-055-N
Memory Box Peppi Butterfly, 98508
Memory Box, Kaleidoscope Butterfly, 98261
Memory Box, Moonlight Butterfly, 98260



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the wonderful time.

Rita said...

Good Morning Susan. What a brave young woman your daughter is Selma. I'd like to wish her well in the future and hopefully all will be fine after surgery etc. Your card today looks wonderful with all those pretty flowers and dies. Hugs Rita xxx

annekescardart said...

What a lovely card. So sweet. Sad to hear about your daughter. Lovely you went on a trip together. This is what I call a good mother. You are in my thoughts. Anneke.

Ульяна и Полина said...

Какая прелесть!!!

Edna Siu said...

Loving mother loving daughter. Wishing her recover sooner than expected. I always always love to see your design and the way you shaped the flowers up.

Joan Fricker said...

Beautiful card Selma. Glad you and Shari had a great time. I enjoyed the pictures! Glad you are home safe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Selma

I was so sad to hear about your daughter but so moved by her courage and fortitude for what she is having to endure and for your wonderful care of her. I am glad your break was a success and most welcome for you both.

Thinking of you both, I have two daughters and love them dearly, daughters are such precious gifts.

Best Wishes

Angela Drew

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear all the news about your daughter. It was great to give her a little break from all of it. I sure she really appreciated it. She sure has a hard road in front of her. Please give her my bet wishes and thank you for sharing this with your members. Please keep us posted.

Marjorie said...

Absolutely beautiful card. You are an inspiration!

So sorry to hear what your daughter is having to go through. Keep us posted on how she is doing. That is wonderful that you-all got to have a special time together.

Marjorie from TX

Leanne ... said...

Oh my sorry to hear of your daughters feet and upcoming surgery. Spending time together was a wonderful thing to share with her. I'm sure she appreciated it? Keep us posted on her next outcome.

Your card is just lovely, as usual.

Eva Van Buuren said...

Good Afternoon Selma,
So sad to hear about your daughter.
Give her my best wishes and I hope for a recovery soon.
Lovely, making a trip together! So good for you both...

Your card is very beautiful, Selma. I love your flowers. They are so really.
Thank you for sharing this all with us.

Greetings from Eva van Buuren from the Netherlands.

Inger said...

Wowwww what a gorgeous flower card Selma! Love it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well :)
Best wishes to your daughter and I hope for a recovery soon.

♥ Inger

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely offerings and I want to wish your daughter all the very best for a full recovery ,what a hard time she has had.x


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