Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coloring Cuttlebug Embossed Cards

I am posting these two cards because I have a blog follower, Anne, who asked me how to color embossed Cuttlebug cards. The first card was embossed with the "Stylized Flowers" folder. To color the flowers and stems, I used Peerless Watercolors and an Aqua Painter from GinaK Designs. I like coloring these designs with watercolors because you have lots of control on where the color goes and it turns out very smooth.
The second card was made using the Cuttlebug Happy Birthday folder. In order to get the words to stand out, I used a black rubber brayer and inked up the smooth side of the inside of the folder. (One side of the folder is smooth and the other is raised slightly to create the embossing.) You have to carefully lay your cardstock on the opposite side and carefully close the folder. You then run it through the Cuttlebug. You must wash the ink off immediately. I used a Baby Wipe to do this. Both cards are decorated with retired SU stamps. If you have any questions, please email me. Hope this helps Anne.


Anne said...

It's really nice effect on the embossed card. I like them all. As for the inking part on the embossed folder, what type of ink are you using? Chalk, dye or pigment ones? I love to do one myself later on. Love the background color. TFS!

Selma said...

I used dye ink. I have not tried it with any of the other inks.

Brenda said...

Very nice!! I really like the effect you got with this technique.


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