Wednesday, February 19, 2020

English Roses in Framed Mirror

Today I created two decor pieces, using the same colors of English Roses, created with Susan's English Rose die set.  On the petals of the roses, I used Nuvo Embellishment Mousse (Burnished Bronze, Tuscan Gold, and Mother of Pearl).   The mousse was placed on the craft mat and picked up with my finger then rubbed on the edges on slightly on the top of some of the petals.  It gave the roses an antique look.   The leaves were die cut using white card stock, sponged green, then edged with Burnished Bronze Embellishment Mousse.  

A leafy branch die was used to die cut three branches, using white card stock.  Nuvo Mother of Pearl Embellishment Mousse was rubbed over the leaves.  

The leafy branches and roses were attached to the mirror.  

This is a second one made with the same color of roses.  I added some off white pearls over the leafy branches.   

These pieces are being sent to a friend who is moving into a new home.

(It was hard to photograph these pieces without getting myself in the mirror behind the arrangement.)


Anonymous said...

I do love your cards/projects and the flowers you make. Always beautiful.

Any chance you have a video tutorial on the pom pom dahlias you made recently? I really like them.

Jan D., FL

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