Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Autumn Window

Fall is a beautiful season.  I designed a card combining Susan's Garden Notes Square Window & Flower Box and Carolina Window and Shutters die sets.  It was fun creating a new type window using both these die sets.

Here is how the card was created:
  1.  Create a 6-inch square card.
  2. Use a sheet of the Through The Lens -Wood cardstock to cover the front of the card.
  3. Sponge around the edge of the card front using black ink.
  4. Use brown cardstock and die cut the window frames using the window dies in both the Square Window and Carolina Window die sets.
  5. Cover a piece of white cardstock large enough to fit behind both window frames.  Cover it with a piece of Clear Double Sided Adhesive.  Cut this cardstock to create a backing for both windows.
  6. Use a piece of gold/bronze foil to cover the adhesive covered cardstock. Attach the die cut window frames over the foil.
  7. Attach the Carolina Window Frame, centered, over the Square Window as shown in the above picture.
  8. Attach the window on the right side of the card.
  9. Use Susan's Chrysanthemum die set and assemble two burgundy flowers.
  10. Use Susan's Dahlia die set and die cut enough petals yellow petals for one flower.  Sponge the tips of the petals with orange ink.
  11. Use the ModaScrape Leafy Branch 4 die set and die cut three rust branches.  Use the Leaf Tool and pad to draw a vein down the center of each leaf.
  12. Add Prills to add berries to the Leafy Branches.  (It is time consuming but I picked out the dark red Prills in one of the Secret Garden jars.  You an use yellow or orange Prills instead.)
  13. Use the ModaScrap Pair of Leaves 1 die set and die cut three sets of leaves using Olive Twist cardstock.  Draw a vein down the center of each leaf using the Leaf Tool.  Use the dark red PanPastel to sponge a little color to the edges of the leaves.
  14. Use Susan's Garden Woodland Leaves die set to die cut two Oak Leaves.   Draw veins on leaves using the Leaf Tool.  Color the leaves using PanPastels.  Push the leaves down onto VersaMark Ink and clear emboss.
  15. Arrange flowers and leaves as shown in picture.
There are many different Garden Notes flower die sets you can use to embellish your window.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products are linked below.

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Glenharon said...

Good morning Selma from the hills of beautiful Central Scotland,
I so do love when you have been "playing" and come up with your beautiful flowers. I know that you will say that it's all down to Susan's flower dies,but it takes skill and artistry to bring the dies to life and make you look again to a) make sure that they are just paper at the end of the day and b) the imagination to build them up including the very last vein in them to make you look again at them. Thank you flower for a beautiful card with such beauty built onto it. Have a lovely day across there in the States,
love and crafty hugs
Norah (glenochil village, Scotland)


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