Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CountryScapes Horse

Today I am taking a little break from creating Christmas cards and have a country scene using the Horse from Susan's CountryScapes Critters 6 die set.  

This is a 6x6 inch card.  I used a piece of the Soft Finish White Cardstock and sponged on the background: blue at the top, lavender under the blue and green across the bottom.  Before sponging, I attached a round circle with temporary tape on the card, and sponged around it, to create a sun.  A punch was used for this circle.  The mask was pulled off and the cardstock with the punched hole was placed over the circle and was sponged with two different colors of yellow ink, to color the sun.

Using Susan's Evergreen Groove Stencil, a few pine trees were sponged on the right side.  Using Susan's CountryScapes Woods 1 and Backyard 3 die sets, two trees were die cut and colored with markers.

The CountryScapes Kentucky 3-Rail Horse Fence die set was used to die cut three fences to fit across the card.  

The Horse was die cut using CountryScapes Critters 6 die set and colored by sponging on Distress Inks.  A marker was used to draw on the mane and down the tail.

The dark tree was attached to the background.  Next the three fence die cuts were arranged to go across the card.  The light colored tree was placed on the left side of the card and overhanging branches trimmed off.  

Using Susan's CountryScapes Cloud/Grass die set, three grass borders were die cut.  I used white card stock and sponged on two shades of green ink.  Using the Elizabeth Fine Pointed Scissors, each blade of grass was cut to create thinner blades.  The three layers were attached at the bottom of the card.

The horse was then attached.  After the card was finished, I wished I had used Susan's Earth & Sky Stencil to add clouds, but it was to late to do that at this point. In order to add clouds, I used the Joset Designs Rainbow Sky die set and die cut the two clouds to add to the upper right side of the card.

You can complete this card with the following products from Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Olga Jewell said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Beautiful job, especially love how you colored the horse!

SuzzieQ said...

Beautifully sponged and colored and composed. Love your horse. Reminds me of "Trigger" - Roy Rogers' horse!


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