Saturday, January 21, 2023

Bird of Paradise, Pulmeria, Kerria Japonica, and Gerber

Good Morning.  Today I have a colorful card.  The Susan's Garden Bird of Paradise, and  Gerber, from the Painters Garden release, plus Kerria Japonica and Pulmeria die sets were used.

This is a 6x6 inch card.  The background was embossed and attached to a piece of green cardstock.  

First I created the beautiful Bird of Paradise.  This looks like it might be a complicated flower to create but Susan has designed the dies so it is very easy.  You will find her tutorial on YouTube for easy instructions.  The pieces were die cut using Susan's Specialty Cardstock.  OLO markers along with a little ink sponging were used to color the pieces.  There are two Bird of Paradise flowers in this arrangement.

From Susan's Tropical Release, the Pulmeria were die cut.  They were die cut using Susan's Speciality Cardstock, colored, and shaped using her Flower Tool Kit.  Kids Choice Glue was used to assemble all these flowers.

The Gerber die set from the new Painter's Garden was used to create one red flower.  This is a very easy flower to create.  The number of pieces to die cut is always shown on each die to make it easy to know how many pieces you need to assemble the flowers.  In the center a few Prills were added.

The Kerria Japonica, from Susan's Spring Flora release, were die cut.  This arrangement has seven little yellow flowers attached to the branches and divided around the arrangement.

In each of Susan's releases, she always includes a little ladybug. She has been die cut, colored and added with a dab of clear crystal glaze on her back.  

To help make this arrangment a little more tropical, I cut green cardstock in very narrow strips, curled the strips around the end of a large brush and tucked them in around the arrangment.

I hope I have given you inspiration to create a pretty arrangement.  With all the bad weather, it is nice to escape to the paper garden.

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