Thursday, April 18, 2019

Geranium Bouquet

Seeing all the beautiful geraniums in the florist shop inspired me to create this card. 

The card size is 6-inches square.

Cut a piece of the ModaScrap Cucina With Love design paper to fit the front of the card.

Use the Garden Notes Galvanized Bucket die set and die cut one bucket.  Use gray card stock to die cut then use Distress Oxide inks to add texture to the bucket.  I used a combination of black and brown inks.  Silver Metallic Paste was lightly rubbed in some areas.  A Silver Marker was used to line the bottom of the bucket. 

Use the Garden Notes Ostrich Fern Die set and die cut six ferns, using white card stock.  Color by using an olive marker to draw along the stem then sponge with green ink.

Use the Garden Notes Ivy Vine die set and die cut four large ivy pieces, using white card stock.  Color using two shades of green markers, leaving the edges of the leaves white.  Cut the ivy pieces into two pieces.

Use the Garden Notes Geranium die set and create five flowers.  Shape the flowers using the Flower Tool Kit and assemble using the Kids Choice Glue.  Die cut 10 geranium leaves, using white card stock.  Sponge two shades of green ink on the leaves, then lightly sponge red ink around edges.  Shape the leaves using the Loop Tool in the Flower Tool Kit. 

Use the Garden Notes Hydrangea die set and die cut a bunch of white flowers.  Use these individual die cut flowers, to fill in around the geraniums.

Attach the Bucket along the bottom of the card front.  Use a brown marker to add shadow under bucket, to ground it.   Leave the top of the bucket open so you can glue in the foliage.  Attach the Ostrich Ferns so the tops show around the edges of the card.  Add the Ivy pieces on each side of the bucket, as shown.  Attach the Geraniums.  I like to add dimensional glue dots in the center of each geranium and Kids Choice glue around the edges.  Glue the Geranium Leaves around the flowers.  Glue the small white flowers around the arrangement.  Glue a yellow or orange Prill in in the center of each white flower. 

This card can be mailed in the Clear Acrylic Box which is linked below.


Glenda said...

Oh Selma, I do love this one! I think it must become a favorite of mine for sure! The flowers are amazing and then those two toned leaves are so life like! Well done!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma- I am always in awe. Your work is amazing, my friend!

SuzzieQ said...

Yes Selma, you make my heart smile with your artistic ability! Always a crafter that gives
immense attention to detains in the coloring and shaping of your flowers. Awesome.


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