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Susan's Garden Notes - Pinecone Tutorial

 I have had many of you write to tell me you purchased Susan's Garden Notes Whitepine Bough & Pine Cone dies and asked if I would do a tutorial.  I know Susan is working on new videos but until they are released, I have a tutorial below on how I create her pine cones.  

Before I do the tutorial, I will tell you about the card I made using the pine cones.  I love "bling" on Christmas cards so decided to experiment creating Susan's Garden Notes Poinsettia with the Elizabeth Craft Designs Red Metallic Shimmer Sheetz.  I know that the Shimmer Sheetz emboss beautifully when using an embossing folder so experimented by die cutting the poinsettia using the Red Shimmer Sheetz and seeing if I could add the detail in the petals using Susan's Leaf Tool from her Tool Kit -- it worked great.

GARDEN NOTES - Poinsettia (1090) 6 piece set 

I created the Garden Notes Poinsettia on the upper left corner of the card, by using 3 of the large 5-petal die cuts.  The petals were shaped just like I do when using regular card stock.  I found it necessary to use glue dots to layer the petals because glue was taking too long to dry on the Shimmer Sheetz.

Under the Poinsettia, I added a lot of the Garden Notes Whitepine Boughs, a few Garden Notes Holiday Holly Leaves,  plus three of the Garden Notes Pine Cones I made for this tutorial.  The ornament I used is one of the Elizabeth Craft Ornaments 2 dies.  I die cut the ornament twice using Red Metallic Shimmer Sheetz.  One of the ornaments was attached to a piece of the Elizabeth Craft Double Sided Transparent tape.  The base ornament die in this set was die cut using Silver card stock.  The red Ornament, with the Double Sided Tape, was attached over the silver ornament.  I wanted to make the poinsettia on the ornament dimensional, so I pulled out the petals of the extra ornament, shaped them with Susan's Leaf Tool, and attached just the base of each petal over the poinsettia on the ornament.  I used a very small piece of Elizabeth Craft Double Sided tape to attache each petal.  The center of the poinsettia was die using shinny gold card stock.  The little circles were glued over the circles in the middle of the poinsettia.  I also used the same circles for the larger poinsettia at the top of the card.   The finished ornament was attached with glue dots at the end of the Whitepine Boughs.  The sentiment used is one of the new Quietfire dies -- it was also die cut using the Red Shimmer Sheetz.


GARDEN NOTES - Whitepine Boughs & Pinecone (1091) 4 piece set

This is the die set used for the Pine Cones.

 In order to shape the pine cones, you need to use a thick paste.  I use "YES!" Paste which I have seen in both Hobby Lobby and Michael's Craft stores.  You can use your 40% off coupon on it.  I have not used it, but Susan told me you can also use clear silicone caulk from the hardware store.  I like to work on a small piece of Teflon Craft Sheet so I can leave the pine cones on it until they have dried for a day.  Use a craft knife and put a small amount of Yes Paste approximately the size you want the pine cone on the Craft Sheet.  I like to let the paste sit and dry out a while so it is not so sticky when I add the petals of the pine cone.

 While the glue is drying out a little, I die cut a lot of the Garden Notes Pine Cone petals, using brown card stock.  Working on the foam mat, shape each petal with Susan's small Loop Tool, from her Flower Tool Kit.  You don't need to worry about which side is the front or back, but you do want to try and pull the tool down from the top to the bottom of each petal (or bottom to top).  This shapes each petal so the bend will be on each side and resemble a real pine cone.  In the picture, at the top right, you can also see I have die cut the bottom piece that will go on each pine cone.  I add this piece as a last step.  I find it easier to work on the Teflon Craft Sheet, then lift the pine cone off and place it on the bottom die cut.  

 When I create pine cones, I like to work with 4 to 6 at a time.  After the YES Paste has dried out a little, you can use your fingers to shape each one.  I find it real handy to have baby wipes handy to clean my fingers when the paste sticks to them.

 When you are adding the petals to the paste, you want to start at the pointed end, using. the smallest petals.  You can use the self-closing tweezers from Susan's Tool Kit or your fingers.  I like to use the tweezers.  Start with one small petal on the very end.  Next add three petals going across in the next row.  As you add petals in the following rows, you should try to alternate them.  I like to push the wide end of the petal straight down in the paste then push it down to flatten it.  If your paste becomes too dry, lightly mist it with water and it will become sticky again.  Be sure to LIGHTLY mist because you don't want it to be too sticky or it will be hard to handle.

Continue adding petals all the way down to the base.  Don't worry about which petal you pick up to add.  You want to try and add the smaller petals at the tip and use the larger ones at the base, but a variety makes a nice pine cone.  If you see gaps in your pine cone, you can find a small petal and push it it.  

I am showing you this picture to tell you that if you decide you have too much paste and don't want your pine cone so long, that is easy to fix.


When your have too much paste, take your tool and cut down next to the petals, and drag the extra paste away.  Don't waste the paste -- put it back in the jar.

Once you cut off the extra paste, you will probably need to add a few more petals right on the end to finish it off.  You can kind of shape it more if you want, but don't smash down the petals too flat.  Your pine cone such look similar to this.  Every pine cone will look a little different - just like in nature!

 Let your pine cone sit for 6 to 8 hours, or until the next day, to dry.  The pine cone will hold it's shape after drying for a while, but will still be wet on the bottom (next to the Teflon Craft Sheet).  You can use a small spatula type tool to run under the pine cone and place it on the die cut bottom.  It will be sticky enough to stick well.  You may need to use scissors to trim some of the paste and/or die cut bottom piece down to the shape of the pine cone.  Now you are ready to add them to your project.  I like to use glue dots to adhere them to my projects.

I hope this tutorial helps you to create your pine cones. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment sections below.  

 Susan's dies make these pine cones look so realistic!  Have Fun. 

The following linked products can be purchased from Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1090 Garden Notes Poinsettia
1091 Garden Notes Whitepine Bough & Pine Cone
1088 Garden Notes Holiday Holly & Berries
Susan's Flower Tool Kit 
762 Ornaments 2
SS0214 Red Metallic Shimmer Sheetz 
509 Double Sided Transparent Adhesive
505 Double  Sided Transparent Tape
1056 Quietfire Merry Christmas


Quietfire said...

Beautiful card! Love those pine cones!

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW love how you pinecones turned out...looks super gorgeous
Dr Sonia

Eva Van Buuren said...

Wow Selma, once again a GORGEOUS Christmas card!!
I love the bright red color of the Poinsettia's and the Pinecones are really GREAT!!
Such as your GREAT Tutorial!!
Thank you very much for the good and clear explanation.
Hugs, Eva.

Olga Jewell said...

You never cease to amaze me with all your wonderful talent, these are fantastic!!!!

SuzzieQ said...

Thank you for the pinecone tutorial. I have received my set of dies, but have not tried the pinecones yet. I had no idea how to do this. I hope my local craft store has the Yes paste. Your card is goregous. Love how the shimmer paper looks on the poinsettias.

Mihaela said...

Very beautiful Christmas cards and a useful cones tutorial!

Selma said...

Suzzie I posted another tutorial on my blog, on October 3, showing how to create the pine cones without the YES Paste. You will be able to use your regular glue.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your card so much, in fact, that I bought most of what you used to make this – PLUS MORE!!! Just shy of $95.00 worth. I can hardly wait to receive my order and get started with everything.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. It inspires me very, very much.


Shirley said...

Card making from the soul! I definitely love the red shimmer sheets and tutorial. Thank you for sharing.


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