Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another Susan's Garden Pine Cone Tutorial

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on how I make Susan's Garden Notes Pine Cones.  I talked with Susan this morning and she explained that it is not necessary to use YES Paste to create her Garden Notes Pine Cone.  I have a short tutorial below to show you a very easy way to create them.

We all usually have small gifts we need a gift box for during the Holidays.  Today I used the new pine cones I created for this box.  This is a die cut box I purchased last year in a clearance.  On the front of the box I used one of the Elizabeth Craft Designs Gold Lace Frame Peel Off Stickers.  On the handle, I used one of the Christmas Peel Off Stickers for the Sentiment.

I created Red and White Susan's Garden Notes Poinsettia for the front.  The petals were die cut using white card stock then sprayed with Goosebumps Clear Texture Spray.  After the Texture Spray was dry, I sponged on red ink.  The Texture Spray is clear and shows the color of card stock used.  Under the Poinsettia, I added a few die cut Garden Notes Whitepine Boughs, then attached two of the Garden Notes Pine Cones with glue dots. 


Die Cut a bunch of the seeds (petals) using brown card stock.  Shape each one with the small loop tool from Susan's Flower Tool Kit.  For each pine cone, die cut two of the base pieces.  

Use the large stylus to shape (cup) both bases.  I use two pieces to make a stronger base.  Glue the two pieces together.  Try to have it shaped to resemble the shape of your finished pine cone. 
To assemble the pine cone, you will need glue and tweezers.  I used the glue Susan recommends, which is Beacons Kids Choice Glue.  I purchased it at Joann's Fabric.  The tweezers I use are the self-closing tweezers from Susan's Tool Kit.

 You can assemble the pine cone by leaving it on your craft mat, but I found it easier to hold it between my fingers until I had added seeds half way down.  I then put it on the craft mat and finished adding seeds.  Start at the tip of the pine cone and add one seed, then add three on next row, and continue all the way down, alternating each seed, continuing in rows - it is like putting tiles on a roof.  If using the tweezers, you just dip the bottom end of the seed in the glue and attach it where you want it. 

This is a quick and very easy method for creating your pine cones.  I know a lot of you have had trouble finding YES Paste, so I hope you are excited to know you can build your pine cone with your regular glue.

 Here is a picture of two of my finished pine cones using this method to assemble.  (The little white beads are pearls I dipped in glue and added coarse glitter to -- I know someone will ask me about this.) 

You can purchase the following products by clicking on the link below:

1091 Garden Notes Whitepine Bough & Pine Cone
1090 Garden Notes Poinsettia
Susan Flower Tool Kit
1291 Gold Frames Peel Off  Stickers


Anonymous said...

Selma , if those aren't the cutest pine cones ever. I mean it .. Just the best .. I love your blog ... Keep up the great work Anne

Martie Rollin said...

Thanks for your tip to use a double layer for this pine cone base. Christmas is in the air!

Eva Van Buuren said...

Selma, Thank you very much also for your second Pine Cone Tutorial.
I'm sure, it was a lot of work for you, but I'm glad to see how I can make the pine cones with my own glue.
Greetings and hugs, Eva.

pasje ali said...

Świetny pomysł.

Mamta balani said...

Very creative design.
cone design images


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