Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pretty Gift Box

 I have had some computer problems and wanted to let you know that is why I have not posted for a few days.  I was made aware, from one of my Followers, that an additional site was opening up when they opened my blog.  I immediately contacted a computer tech who ran virus scans and nothing was found on my computer  but I still had the problem.   I then contacted Blogger and received excellent service from one of their technicians.  It took some work but he found out it was actually not in my blog or on  my computer, it was in the counter widget for hits on my blog that got infected and brought up another site -- it was on the server of the makers of the widget either by mistake or on purpose and was causing all the trouble.  That widget has been removed from my blog. I am happy to be back with no problems.

For my post today, I decorated a box with my Susan's Garden dies, that I purchased from Michaels Craft Store.  You know I love the challenge of  looking at pictures of flowers and creating different types of flowers with my dies.  I found the perfect dies for the flowers on this box - I used the petals from the Susan's Garden Daylily for the dark purple and white flower.  For the other flower shown on the box, I used the Susan's Garden Gerbera Daisy. 

I meant to take a picture of the top of the box  before attaching my flowers and forgot to do it.  I hope you can see the  flowers on the sides of the box.  I used the flower base from the Susan's Garden Poppy dies for the large purple flower.  It has six points, so there are six petals on each of two layers for one flower (a total of 12 petals for one flower).    I wanted to copy the flower on the box as close as possible, so I die cut the dark purple flower petals out of purple card stock using the petals of the Susan's Garden Daylily.  The back of the petals are white in the design so I used the Adirondack Snow Cap Acrylic Paint Dabber to swipe white paint up from the base of each purple petal (just on the back side).  It matches the flowers in the design perfectly.  For the stamen, you can use the Susan's Garden Gerbera Daisy stamen.  Each point on the stamen was cut several times to make them very thin.  The tips were colored with a marker.  I glued together 10 to 12 stamens for each flower.  Be sure to alternate the stamens so they form a nice full center.  In the very center I added a small daisy that was pinched up to match the stamen in the design on the box.

 For the the other flower, I used the Susan's Garden Gerbera Daisy.  I used Susan's Garden Pan Pastels and Distress Ink to color the white petals.  Each petal was shaped using the Susan's Garden loop tool.

I was sent a bottle of glue from one of my Followers - thank you Colleen.  I love it so much I ordered a variety pack of these glues.  The name of the glue is ScrapFusion.  Tomorrow I am going to tell you more about this glue, why I love using it,  and will have a special offer for you, so be sure and come back tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed seeing another way to use your Susan's Garden Flower dies.   


Stamps and Paper said...

Absolutely gorgeous Selma your colours are stunning


Glenda said...

After I picked up my jaw off the floor and wiped the drool off my chin and I can tell how beautiful this box is! I love these flowers and as always you made a beautiful creation!

Anonymous said...

This box is beautiful. I love it.

Pat Montgomery

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

This box is beautiful. I am so glad you got the computer problem fixed.

craftieodmae said...

Oh my word, you never fail to knock me over, those flowers are gorgeous!!!!!!!

ileana-carmen said...

Beautiful project with beautiful colors.

Ульяна и Полина said...


Unknown said...

This floral display is absolutely gorgeous!!! Every blossom is a work of art. Your color choices are so lovely together. Thanks for all the details on creating the flowers. Computer/internet issues are such a pain in the neck...and a whole lot lower as well! I just don't understand why some people have to make our lives more difficult. Love that box! Thanks so much for this posting.

Leanne ... said...

Your flower display on top of your box is just beautiful Selma. You always do a super job.
Glad you got your computer problems straightened out.
Thanks for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My Dearest, Most Talented Selma, I REALLY missed you!!! Each morning, I always look to see if you have a new posting and when I don’t see one, I check throughout the day so I don’t miss it. J So glad the problem was found and solved. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learn through you. You are sooooo inspiring. You’re NOT allowed to disappear anymore. Heeheehee.

You know I luv ya, girlfriend,
Debi Lefever


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