Thursday, February 20, 2014

Susan's Garden Calla Lily and Clivia Flowers

Today I used two different sets of dies from Susan's Garden to create this mirrored frame.  The white flowers were created with Susan's Calla Lily dies and the purple flowers were created with the Susan's Garden Clivia dies

This is a picture of the Calla Lilies I created and a picture of the package of Susan's Garden Lily Dies.  As Susan's has done with all your flower dies, she has a Cally Lily Video at this Link.  I followed Susan's instructions to create these beautiful flowers.  One of the things I want to point out, is that the pointed end of the the large die in this set is not the base end, as in most of her die sets.  I will confess -- I colored the wrong end of the petal, with the Pan Pastels, the first time I started working with this flower.  You will immediately know you colored the wrong end as soon as you start to assemble it, because you need that point up at the very top.  After shaping and gluing the calyx sides together,  I glued a piece of Wired Sisal Rope (from Hobby Lobby)down in the calyx, and let it dry, before inserting the shaped flower, so my flowers would be on a stem.    The stamens were shaped as Susan showed us and I did use a large drop of the Viva Yellow Paper Pen on the tip.  Once that was dry, I rolled the stamen in clear glue and then rolled it in the Susan's Garden Yellow Pollen.   I die cut my leaves using white card stock and colored them with the Copic YG67 marker.  After scoring down the center of the leaf (on the back) I turned it over and colored down the vein line with the Yellow Green Pan Pastels.  To get the white marks on the leaves, I used my Inkssentials Opaque White Pen. It is amazing how realistic these flowers look! I created five Calla Lilies and tied them together down on the stems with a piece of green wire.  Dimensional Glue Dots were used to attach the arrangement to the frame.

 I wanted a contrasting colored flower to go with the Cally Lily arrangement, so I used the Susan's Garden Clivia dies to create purple flowers.  I did not create the flowers the same as you do when you create the Clivia.  On the left side in the picture above, you can see the coral Clivia flower I created following Susan's instructions on her Clivia Video.  I used half a green 1 1/2" Styrofoam ball for the base for the Clivia, then created the Clivia just like Susan's did on the video.

Below is a tutorial on how I used the Clivia dies to create a different type flower to go with my arrangement.

I used two different shades of purple card stock to create to two different shades of purple flowers.   I love using Susan's Garden Pan Pastels to color flowers because it is really great how the Pan Pastels color over colored card stock.  You can see in the photo above how well the yellow Pan Pastel shows up on both the lavender and darker purple petals.

 When I created the Clivia, I used the loop tool just as Susan showed us in the video to shape the petals.  However, I wanted a flower with a very "ruffled" edging on it so I placed the smaller loop tool from the Susan's Garden Flower Tool Kit, just above the edge of the petal and pulled down to the center.

 On the left side in the picture above, you can see how the petal looks when you place the loop tool below the edge of the petal; it shapes (cups) the petal.  On the petals on the right, you can see how much the edges of the petal have ruffled when I placed the tool just above the edge and drew it down.  I LOVE using the special tools Susan has in her Flower Tool Kit!

Once the petals were all shaped, I layered (and glued) two of the larger shaped petals together and did the same for the smaller set of petals.  Then the two layers were glued together to create my "unknown" flower. Stamens were added to the center.

To decorate the frame, I used the Memory Box, Grand Happy Birthday die to create a border along the bottom.  A piece of lace was added with two-sided take along the bottom.  Along the top I added two different laces.  The flowers were arranged around the mirror on the frame then a purple silk bow was added to complete it.

I know you will have fun creating these beautiful Cally Lillie's using Susan's Garden Cally Lily dies.  They are very easy.

You can purchase the following products from Ellen Hutson, LLC:

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Janie Printz said...

Selma this is absolutely gorgeous !!! I am totally addicted to Susan's Garden dies & love how you create the wonderful flowers with putting your own unique touches on them. LOVE your tutorials & links to her videos which are both amazing & make it easy to understand how to use the dies... This card is so beautiful !!! I hope my flowers turn out half as pretty & realistic as yours...

Anonymous said...

Selma, this is just gorgeous.... they don't look like paper, the flowers look so real. How about I send you some paper and you make me some? lol... ok, it was worth a try.... truly a beautiful card and ty for sharing your creativity and the tutorial....


Sue W said...

I loved your last card.....then I saw this one.......So very talented Selma! Hope you're well :)

Antoinette Voorn said...

Super beautiful Selma!

Antoinette Voorn said...

Super beautiful Selma!

Glenda Brooks said...

I can't find words to say how beautiful this is! You just blow me away!

Anonymous said...

These flowers are lovely and go so'well'together. Glad to see you using the frames.

Bonnie Weiss said...

It's like walking into a flower shoppe whenever I view a new blog post of yours. You never cease to amaze me and this creation is no exception. How realistic your flowers are .... beautiful, Selma.

Mihaela said...

These flowers looks gorgeous, Selma. You make great tutorials and is so easy to understand.

Ileana Carmen said...

Beautiful card! The flowers look so real.

MarieL said...

Another masterpiece.This is quite a card Selma. I also love that you show is the different steps.

Selma, I have another question. I received the ladybug kit today and I was trying to assemble the black pen with the Detailer Tip. It seems the detailer will not fit over the other black top. Is there a special trick to do this? Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

MarieL said...

Thank you, Selma. I asked my son and he figured out the way the pen supposed to work. Too much technology for me... :)

Olena said...

WOW!!!! Beautiful cards. Love the colors. Great job! Olena


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