Friday, February 21, 2014

My Work Area

I am so pleased with a purchase that I have to share it with you.  I discovered a company that has a large variety of storage units for craft items, and wanted to show you the first of my collection.  The company I am talking about is "Stamp-n-Storage". 

I love to have everything right at my fingertips when I am working on my projects.  This is a picture of where I sit to create.   I have a collection of all the Distress Inks, markers and refills.  I had them stored in separate areas prior to getting this storage unit. It is so convenient to have pad, marker and refill right next to each other.  I labeled each pad with the name on the end. I also like to see the true color as it will show on card stock, so I also die cut some small butterflies and colored one with the marker and attached it next to the name on the label.  The caps on the pens sometimes don't show the exact color as it will be on my card stock.  One other thing I did was alphabetize the colors (within each color group) so it would be easy to replace them when I have a lot of colors out.     I love that the storage is a flat unit so I can see my inks at a glance. I really love this organization!

My Distress Inks are on the right side in this picture.  On the left of my Distress Inks, I have two of the Stamp-n-Storage Marker Nooks.  One nook has Copic Markers and the other one has a variety of other markers I use a lot. I always need to have my glues very close, so store them on one of the shelves.  

I also have a collection of Spectrum Noir markers on the left side.  In this storage unit I have additional Copic Markers.  I will be purchasing one more Marker Nook to add next to my Copic Markers to have them all together.

My wish list is very large for more storage units from this company.   If you are in need of ways to store your craft products, I recommend you browse Stamp-n-Storage to see the wide variety of products they carry.

Here are some of the items you will find there:
  • embellishment storage
  • ink pad, marker, refill storage
  • marker storage
  • paper punch storage
  • paper (card stock) storage
  • embossing folder and steel die storage
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

in a word WOW~~~~how cool is that... what a great way to store... I'm off to look at the site....


robinann17 said...

I always find it amazing...I have a question about something crafty and I look at my daily blog postings and there you go, someone has delivered an answer! I managed to purchase one of the workroom tables from my local Archiver's when it went out of business and it's now in my house, but I've been stuck about what kind of storage units to purchase for this much larger space. Thank you so much for showing photos of your space and the link to site. I'm going there now to browse and dream - thanks, again!

Rita said...

Good Morning Selma. Oh my goodness, what Wonderful storage and you keep your desk so tidy too. Looks a perfect way to have everything you need around you. Hugs Rita xxx

Bonnie Weiss said...

Your creating space is just as beautiful as your creations. I've always been a stickler for storage and organization but that's just how my brain works. Some people shy away from buying storage products but for me, they are one of my favourite investments and I have never regretted any of them.

Anonymous said...

This looks really great. You are so organized. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, Selma!!! I also LOVE great storage units. Thanks for letting us know about this great company and showing us your beautiful work area. My Wish List just got a lot longer. :)


Anonymous said...

So neat and clean. Wish mine looked so good.

Edna Burgess

Anonymous said...

Selma.... I'm so jealous .. That's s good space to work ... Your lucky lucky lucky ... Tfs ... Yours in ink Anne

Olga said...

I'm green, this is amazing, for now shoe boxes will have to do LOL

Eva Van Buuren said...

Oh Selma, this is a fantastic storage unit!
And you have it all so neat and tidy!
A wonderful space to work.....
Hugs, Eva.

Shirley said...

Once I don't walk the earth any more my work area might look like this!!! LOLOL ;-)


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