Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two Tone Rose Tutorial

These flowers are very easy to make.  I posted a tutorial  on June 14 but thought I should post the tutorial again.

 I used the Marianne (DS0907) embossing folder on the top of the card. A piece of pink card stock was attached to the back so the die cut areas would show up.  The bottom panel was embossed with the Swiss Dots embossing folder. I layered the Marianne Design embossed panel over the Swiss Dots embossed panel. The die cut Cheery Lynn "Border Carnivale" lace was attached across the bottom edge of the Marianne Design embossed panel.   The roses were made with the Spellbinders "Spiral Blossom One" and "Bitty Blossoms" dies.   Behind the roses I cut apart the  Cheery Lynn "Victorian Romance Flourish", the Cheery Lynn "Tropical Flourish" and a Cheery Lynn green "Tropical Leaf".  I had the two pearl/tulle embellishments in my "stash".   A couple Kaiser Craft pearls were added to complete the card.


I used the Spellbinders "Spiral Blossom One" die for these roses, but you can accomplish the same look using any spiral blossom die.  In the picture above, there are two of these die cuts to show the back and the front after they were sponged.  I used "Spun Sugar" Distress Ink and sponged the first two petals on the top, of both front and back,  because I wanted the center of the rose to be very pink.  I used a small finger sponge dauber to apply the ink.  I wanted the tips of the rest of the petals to be white so I only sponged down along the bottom of each petal, on the front only, of the rest of the petals.

Next I used a fine mister to dampen the die cut.  This not only helps spread out the sponged color (so it doesn't look so "sponged on"), but it also softens the card stock so you can add "texture" to the petals. Be sure to just "lightly" mist the card stock.  If you get it too wet, it will not hold its shape.    Let it sit for a couple of minutes then blot off any excess water. If the card stock isn't holding the "wrinkles", use your heat gun to dry it a little.   "Accordion fold" or "scrunch" the petals  from the small end of the petals all the way down to the center (which will be the outer petals of the flower).  You don't need to fuss about how it looks because you are just getting a ruffled look.  Once it is all "scrunched" use your heat gun to dry it completely so it will hold that shape.  Once it is dry, you can pull out some of the tight gathers and the creases will remain.

Next I used the round nose pliers to start rolling and shaping the rose.  I like using these pliers because they don't create any creases and they are the perfect width for the rolled rose.  You can wind it very tight  in the center then wind it loosely for the outside petals to create the perfect shaped rose.  When you get it all rolled, cover that round center at the end with glue, which will be the bottom of the rose,  and press the shaped rose down on into the glue.  I like using "Crafter's Pick" glue for this because it is a thick white glue that is very strong. You can play with the rose before it completely dries to get just the shape you want.  Hold it down for about a minute to let the glue dry slightly so it hold the rose in the shape you want.  You can use the round nose pliers to gently roll out some of the edges of the petals for a more realistic look.  Like I said before, these pliers will not crease the ends of the petals.

I hope all this information answers all your questions about making these pretty roses. If you use my tutorial for these roses and post them on your blog, I would love it if you will link back to my blog.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July.



janeskeepsakes said...

I love your blog. I have looked at your entries. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing! I will be watching all the great things you do in the future. Jane

Caroline D. said...

yep... those are beautiful roses for sure!! thanks for sharing the tutorials you do for your flowers... so awesome to see the step by steps! Have a safe and fun Fourth!

Ann Marie Governale said...

What beautifully created roses....thanks so much for the tutorial.I have these pliers sitting here from my unsuccessful attempts at jewelry making- what a great use for Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

Thank for the rose tutorial it is so beautiful looking forward to tomorrow. I am trying the roses today. Pat

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen. Stunning card! Barb

Sheila - Ginger said...

Hi Selma I've been away for a few days break and have missed your beatiful cards.....what a great tutorial and I'm looking forward to having a go, I've done just the plain spiral rose so it will make a lovely change to add the colour and trying dampening it. Thanks so much.

Love Sheila xx

The Other Patti Sue said...

Well isn't this just jaw dropping gorgeous! I really need more time to play!

Emerald said...

Thank you very much for sharing so much info with us...I so want to attempt a rose. Maybe, just maybe there will be better success than trying to make a rose out of icing.
Gorgeous cards/creations.

Leigh said...

Selma, thank you so much for the flower tutorial. Very clear photos and explicit instructions...just what I needed.

Lynn said...

Beautiful card (as always) and thank you for a tutorial that makes it easy for us to replicate those beautiful roses!

Payne Holler Cards said...

You make it look so easy...and it comes naturally to you.
Love your flowers...I struggle...I'm thinking I'm too impatient
Saved this toot and going to try again

Have a great trip to Joan's and CHA, wish it wasn't clear across the country from me (-;

Wendy L said...

I have become a follower. I just love your flowers and will be following some of your tutorials. xxxx

deborah james said...

they are beautiful and thank you so much for sharnf with all , i would love to learn o make these .


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