Monday, June 8, 2009

My Nestabilities/Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Storage System

Last week I showed you the area where I do my stamping. This picture shows the entire area I work in. It is not fancy, but it works for me.

This picture is a better view of the area I use my Cuttlebug/BigShot, my ScorPal, and my larger paper cutter.

I told you I have a filing system for my Nestabilities and embossing folders that I love. I have tried several ways to store Nestabilities but I am the kind of person that likes things right at my finger tips so when I get an idea, I can just reach and get started with my idea. I tried storing my Nestabilities in CD cases but did not find that satisfactory, so I knew I had to dream up a system I would be happy with.

Below is a close up picture of how my Nestabilities and embossing folders are stored. They are all in a long wire basket which is very easy to flip through. It is so quick and easy to find what I need. There is also a small basket with quarter sheets of cardstock ready to use. I have both a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug. I started with the Cuttlebug, which I love, but because I broke my hand last fall, I decided to purchase a Big Shot because it is sturdier and easier to use with one hand.

This is a close-up of my Nestabilities storage system.

What made me decide that I wanted to store my Nestabilities this way is because, as many of you know, I love to use embossing folders, a lot, and I had them stored in that wire basket. I thought that would also be a perfect system for my Nestabilities. I had my husband go with me to Home Depot to purchase a piece Plexiglas. It comes in many different larger sizes. We also purchased some packages of magnetic vent covers. I had him cut the Plexiglas the same width as the embossing folders but a little longer so I could add a label on top. I cut the magnetic sheets the same size as my embossing folders on my larger Carl paper cutter. They were attached with two strips of ScorTape.

With this filing system, it is easy to flip through and find the set you are looking for. I used a labeling machine for the labels.

You can pull a set out so you can measure and decide which die to use for the next layer.

Since I like everything close, I have my Cuttlebug embossing folders filed behind my Nestabilities. In case you are wondering, these are not my hands. My granddaughter loves to come over and stamp and when she came over to make a card, I asked her to help me so I could take pictures.
This shows a picture of the Cuttlebug embossing folders which are behind the Nestabilities. There are also a few of the Quickutz embossing folders in there. The drawers behind the Nestabilities storeage holds all the smaller Cuttlebug embossing folders, dies, and Cuttlebug supplies.
My system for storing my Nestabilities is just something I "dreamed" up but it works really well for me. My husband didn't think it was such a fun project having to cut all that Plexiglas but he knew how excited I was to develop this filing system. I am so happy he helped me with it.


Jackie said...

I think that is an excellent storage system! If we had the equipment to cut the Plexiglass I would do the same thing. I need to find some of those wire baskets, too, they make wonderful storage baskets.

Dianna said...


I think your storage system for your Nesties and Cuttlebug folders is great. If I had a husband who could do the cutting for me, I would have probably copied your wonderful idea. But since I have to do it myself, I have my Nesties in jewel cases and stuck magnetic tape on the back and then the Nesties sit down pretty good on top of the tape. So far this has worked well for me. But I don't have any of the large nesties. I only have the Petite Ovals so far.

Good Suggestions Selma, thanks for sharing with us.


AKiteFlier said...

Super ideas Selma - I DO use CD cases but they are in a really cute basket right on my desk in front of me so I can get to them - I store the classic and the scalloped together in the same CD case - I love seeing how folks organize! You look to be WELL organized! Thanks for sharing.

Sonya said...

Selma, Great idea on storage of your Nesties. I love it! A couple of questions, is this the same stuff that is used for florescent (sp?) light panels covers? And if not, where in H.D. did you get it (section)? Next how did your husband cut it? I would love to try out your idea! Thanks for sharing it!

Cherie said...

Selma, Your craft room looks great! What a neat way to store your Nesties & CB folders! Thanks for sharing your idea!


Unknown said...

fantastic way of storing your dies. I am from AUS, I have never come across the vent covers that you mention. Could you please tell me the thickness of these covers - shall go on the hunt for something similar.


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