Monday, April 20, 2015

Dogwood Shadow Box

Today is my turn to design a project for Susan's Design Team on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog.  I created a dogwood flower shadow box with Susan's Garden - Dogwood dies. Dogwood flowers are either white or pink. I love the delicate pink flowers so that is what I have created for this shadow box.

 The finished shadow box is 6"x 6". With the pretty lacy top, the height is 7-1/2". On the side, I created an accordion fold so it will push down flat. The instructions are below.

1. Creating the flowers: Die cut all the petals using white cardstock. Use the Leaf Tool from Susan's Garden All Metal Flower Tool Set to draw vertical lines on each petal, as shown in the picture below. Then use the medium-sized ball stylus to shape each petal on the backside.

2.  To create the color of my flowers, I used the picture above to try and duplicate the delicate pink on the petals.

3.  Above is a picture of the dogwoods I created.

4. To achieve this coloring, use Rouge Pan Pastel (light pink) across most of the petal leaving the top and base of the petal white. Next, rub in Magenta Pan Pastel in the center, blending it well over the light pink Pan Pastel.  As a rule, I generally color my petals before shaping, but for this flower, I found it was easier to get the color in the middle by bending the shaped petal over my finger and applied the Pan Pastel with Fantastix Coloring Tool Brush Point.

5. Next the four shaped petals were glued to the calyx (base) die cut piece. Once the petals have dried on the calyx, you can use the tweezers to add additional shaping.

6. To create the stamen, use the Fine Pointed Scissors to cut between each stamen projection to make them thin.  The stamen was then rolled and glued closed and placed in the center of the flower using the self-closing tweezers in Susan's Tool Set. Once the stamen was firmly attached in the center of the flower, add Viva Light Moss Green Paper Pen to the tips of each stamen. Put a very tiny dot on both the front and back of each projection.

7. I wanted to create a shadow box that would fold down flat. Start with a piece of 18" x 12" cardstock and cut it down to 18" x 6".  To create accordion sides, score it at 4-1/2",  5",  5-1/2", 11-1/2", 12" and 12-1/2".

8. The picture above shows how the accordion sides are folded. To create the accordion folds, with top side up, create a valley fold on the center score line and a mountain fold on the two outside lines. Do the same thing on the other score lines. Crease the folds well with a brayer or Bone Folder tool.

9.  Use Susan's Garden Patch - 1 1/2-inch grid die for the window.

 10. The die was taped to the front of the card in between the score lines and die cut. This will fit because the card is 6" tall.
11. The grid die cut a perfect opening for the Shadow Box. I did not use the little squares, but did use the die cut frame for the inside of the box.

12.  Before attaching the Shimmer Sheet to the inside of the card, the panels on the back of the shadow box were taped down with transparent Double Sided Tape, to create the box.  To get the back panel folded exactly right, a piece of 6x6 inch card stock was placed in the back scored lines then the back panels were taped down.  When you place the colored 6"x6" card stock in the back, you will get a perfectly square box.

13.  This photo shows how the back pieces overlap.  A 6x6 inch piece of card stock is glued to the back of the card to finish the backside.

14.  For a pretty background for the dogwoods, I used a piece of the ECD Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheet and embossed it using the ECD Heart Strings Embossing Folder.  The white die cut Grid was glued over the Shimmer Sheet (it is not glued together in this picture).    Next, the shadow box was pressed down in a flat position, and the grid was glued in so it perfectly fit inside the die cut opening.


15.  To complete the shadow box, I used Purple/Silver Glitter border stickers on each side of the opening then attached additional dogwoods.  Across the top of the box I added two Paris Edges die cuts.  One was glued to the inside of the front and the other cut shorter and glued to the top side of the frame.  A piece of glitter paper from the edge of the glitter border was used at the top of the opening and along the bottom, I used some of the "scraps" from both the Paris Edge die cut and the from the border sticker sheet.

Shadow Box Cards are very easy to create.  I hope you enjoyed this project.

Products from Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1009 - Susan's Garden Dogwood
808 - Susan's Garden Tool Set
809 - Susan's Mini Molding Pad
802 -Fine point scissors
Susan's Garden Patch - 1 1/2-inch grid & Mini Petals die

E112 -Heart Strings Embossing Folder
SS0104 -Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheet
506 -Transparent Double Sided Tape
7045 - Purple/Silver Glitter Ribbon Branches border stickers
979 - Paris Edges

Other Products used:
17"x 6" card stock for Shadow Box
Score Board
White Card Stock
340.88 Rouge, Pan Pastel (light pink)
430.5 Magenta Pan Pastel
"Fantastic" Coloring Tool Brush Point
Viva, Light Moss Green, Paper Pen
Bone Folder Tool

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Springtime in Paris

Today I am showing you a home decor piece I designed.  I started with a 12 x 12 inch framed canvas and covered it with design paper on both the top and the sides.  I had two pieces of the design paper so I used the second one to cut out some of the flowers in the design and popped them up with dimensional tape.  Next I attached a three dimensional Eiffel Tower embellishment on the right side.  

My next step was to create flowers that matched those in the design paper.  I used Susan's Garden flower dies to do that.  I created two different types of lilies, roses and lilacs.  Also along the "Paris" embellishment I created an ivy vine with Susan's dies.    There are a few extra little embellishments added to complete this piece. 

There is always something beautiful I can create with Susan's Garden dies!

Friday, April 17, 2015

New Flower dies by Susan

Have you been enjoying creating the new smaller flowers by Susan Tierney-Cockburn?  These flowers are just the perfect size to use on cards or smaller projects.  Today I am giving you a preview of the flowers that will be coming out soon at Elizabeth Craft Designs for Susan's Garden Notes and Susan's Garden flower dies. I had so much fun creating these beautiful flowers.  Susan will have a total of 13 new die sets in her release coming out soon.  There are additional flowers and leaves that will be in the new Country Scapes die sets which I will post later. 

Be sure to watch for this release at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  If you haven't already done so, you can subscribe for the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog updates at this LINK.  Also, there are daily posts on FACEBOOK to give you a lot of inspiration.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yellow Rose Pivot Card

Today I have worked with the  Elizabeth Craft Designs Butterfly Pivot Card dies to create this 6" x 6" card. The Pivot Butterfly was die cut on the upper portion of the card so I could add a pretty Susan's Garden Rose.  I used a double sided card stock; teal on the outside and on the inside it is Kraft.  This allowed the butterfly to be a different color when the card is closed and the butterfly pivots out. 

 I used the Susan's Garden Rose 1 die to create this rose and the rose buds.    The petals were die cut using light yellow card stock then shaded with Yellow Pan Pastels.  I decided to add a little glitz to the rose petals, so added  ECD Silk Microfine Glitter.  I love how it highlighted the edges of the petals.  To add the glitter, I lightly brushed  Aileen's Tack-It Over & Over to the edges of the petals and let it dry.  I then sprinkled on the Diamond Microfine Glitter and rubbed it in to give it a high shine.  

This is the inside of the Butterfly Pivot Card.  I used three different sets of Elizabeth Craft Design Peel Off Stickers on this card, which are listed below.  

The Products used from Elizabeth Craft Designs are:

327 - With Love Stickers

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cute Daffodils

I finally have daffodils blooming in my yard.  I love creating these mini daffodils using Susan's Garden Patch Mini Daffodil dies.  I selected the cute Elizabeth Craft Designs Flower Cuties Peel Off Sticker to coordinate with the mini daffodils.  ECD Silk Microfine Diamond Glitter was used over Transparent Double Sided Tape and colored and the image colored with Copic Markers.  The image was backed with a piece of black card stock. 

 These little daffodils look like they might be hard to create but are very easy.  You glue the five bottom petals to the calyx (base) piece then roll the center and glue the edge to create the up right part; glue this piece in the center of the petals.  The stamen is then glued down in the flower.  I added Susan's Yellow Pollen to the ends of the stamens before gluing them in the flower.  One of the things that I think makes the daffodils look very real, is to use the self-closing tweezers and roll the top edge of the flower out to resemble a real daffodil; I think you can see the rolled edges in this photo.  The flowers were shaped using Susan's Flower Tool Set

The following products can be purchased from Elizabeth Craft Designs:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful Roses

Roses, I think, are loved by everyone!   In the crafting world, they are so beautiful on any card or project and make you feel good.  Susan Tierney-Cockburn has dies to create many different sizes of roses and they always look so real when created.  Today I have used Susan's Garden Rose 1 dies, which create the largest rose in her collection, to design this card.  For the background, I used a sheet of design paper from a Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn Paper Pad that was sent to me by a very dear friend in Holland.  I knew when I saw this piece of design paper that I wanted to create a pretty rose for it.  Behind the rose I added a Berry Branch from ECD.  The Sentiment is die out of the Happy Birthday PopUp die set from Elizabeth Craft Designs.  You not only get the PopUp die to create a fun card; you also get the dies for this beautiful sentiment.

 The rose and rose bud petals were die cut using light pink card stock.  I used both the light and dark pink Pan Pastels from Susan's Pan Pastels set to give the rose shading.  I was able to shape the petals to look very realistic using Susan's Tool Set.  The leaves were die cut using green card stock, then shaped with the leaf tool and lightly sponged with a little brown ink just for a little shading around the edges and down the center. 

 Here is another view.

These roses are very easy to create and will always be beautiful if you take the time to shape them with Susan's flower tools to make them look realistic.  If you have any questions about creating a rose, just let me know.

The products from Elizabeth Craft Designs are:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Susan's Garden Coreopsis

 Don't these flowers look like they were just picked out of the flower garden!  I love how  Susan's Garden flower dies help us create  such realistic flowers.  I used her Coreopsis  dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs to decorate the lid of a 4" square box.  I plan to put a sentiment down in the lower right corner when I am ready to use it.

The flower petals were die cut using yellow card stock.  A red marker was used to color the base of each petal.  The stamen was cut using both yellow and red card stock.  Two red stamens were rolled together (one on top of the other) then one yellow stamen was rolled on the outside of the red ones.  I cut down the center of each stamen with scissors to make them frilly, before assembly.  I used Susan's Yellow Pollen on the tips of all the yellow stamens and just a little on the tips of the red.

Here is a picture of the entire box.  I decorated the bottom of the box with stickers from Elizabeth Craft Designs.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Today I created a card to wish you a Happy Easter.  I used Susan's Garden Notes Lily die set for the pretty flowers.  I used white card stock for the petals and lightly sponged on Spun Sugar Distress Ink on the lower portion of each petal, then used Susan's Light Green Pan Pastel at the base to give it a slight green tint.  A pink marker was used to draw lines up the petals and to add dots.  The petals were shaped with Susan's Flower Tool Set

 The stamens and leaves were die cut using a very pale green card stock.  Susan's brown pollen was added to the tips of the stamens.  

The background for this 6x6 card was embossed with the ECD Sea Glass embossing folder.  Behind the flowers I used two die cut Paris Edges, placed back to back, to form a doily.  In the corner I used ECD White Velvet corners.  The tag was die cut using the scalloped die from the ECD Accordion Oval Card die set.  

Happy Easter to all of you.

The following products can be purchased from Elizabeth Craft Designs:

7003 White Velvet Corners

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday

I have had emails asking if you have been missing my posts since I haven't posted for over a week.  I had a fall the day of my last post and haven't been able to walk up stairs to get to my craftroom.  I am still hobbling around and nursing bruises, but feeling better and happy to be back designing.

Today I worked with a few of Susan's CountryScapes dies.  The card is 6x6 inches.  I die cut the tag using the Elizabeth Craft Designs Tags and More 5 - Sunburst die.  The bottom portion was covered with design paper.  Next I created the pot of geraniums from the CountryScapes - Backyard 1 die set.  It is very dimensional.  The birdhouse was die cut from the CountryScapes - The Woods 1 die set, using design paper.  The top and sides of the tag were sponged using Scattered Straw Distress Ink.  To complete the tag, I added an ECD sentiment and glitter border stickers.

The tree was die cut using the dies from the CountryScapes - The Woods 1 dies.  I wanted to create a flowering Spring tree, so used the petals from the Garden Notes - Hydrangea set.  Around the flowers, I glued in some of the leaves from The Woods 1 die set.  I used a die from the CountryScapes - Backyard 1 set for grass at the base of the tree.  A kitty was die cut from the CountryScapes - Country Critters 1 die set and tucked in by the grass.  The gold corners are also ECD stickers.

It is so fun to create scenes with Susan's CountryScapes dies.  

The following products can be purchased from Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rose in Accordion Oval Card

 Do you enjoy creating fun shaped cards?  Today I used the Elizabeth Craft Designs Accordion Oval Card die set along with the Garden Notes - Rose 2 dies to create this fun card.  I used black card stock to die cut the main card shape.  The red frame was created using the Oval Flourish Frame Edge dies.  I watched Susan's video on steps to create this small rose and bud.  I love this Rose 2 die set because it includes the dies to create the small rose, stem/leaves and the rose bud. 

 This is a picture of the Accordion Oval Card open.  For the background piece on the oval, I used the smaller oval shape in the die set then embossed it in the ECD Damask embossing folder.  It was glued to the center of the larger oval.  As you can see, on the front panel I added the rose I created, then added a small red heart which is also a die in the Accordion Oval Card die set. On one of the rose leaves I created a ladybug using Viva Paper Pens.

On the right (or inside) oval, I used ECD stickers (listed below).  For the card to look really complete, I die cut four of the red frames so all four panels are decorated.  These accordion cards do lay flat when closed as you can see in the top picture.  

The products used can be purchased from Elizabeth Craft Designs:

998 - Garden Notes - Rose 2
772 - Accordion Oval Card
777 - Oval Flourish Frame Edges
KB104 - Damask Embossing Folder
2577 - Gold Happy Birthday Stickers
1283 - Red/Gold Elegant Swirls Glitter Stickers


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