Friday, November 26, 2021

Winter Wishes

Good Morning.   Today I have a card I created a few months past, photographed but have not posted. I am not able to climb stairs to go up to my craft room to look up product names. 

 Several of you have messaged me telling me you miss seeing my posts, so will explain what has been going on.   Unfortunately I have not felt very well since my knee replacement.  My knee surgery went fine, but I have had difficulty breathing, feeling exhausted, plus having kind of blackout spells since that surgery.  It took a lot of activity in physical therapy and that is where I noticed how bad these symptoms were.  I was tested several times for blood clots, which I was happy to not have.   This condition seemed to keep getting worse, so was sent to my heart doctor who suspected I might need heart surgery.  I was sent to the Heart Institute and have been going through a series of tests to determine condition of my heart. It was determined that I will need heart surgery.   I will be going to hospital December 29 for surgery to replace my aortic valve.  This happens to be the day after my 80th birthday!  All this has been a big concern to me but then another problem.  My "good" knee and leg started hurting a lot.  My knee gave out on me and I had excruciating pain.  I was unable to put pressure on my foot or bend my knee, and still feel like my knee might give out on me.  I have a fluid build up in my knee. I went to my knee surgeon and he gave me shots to help relieve the pain but I am not taking the risk of going up the stairs, yet, in my house to go up to my craft room.  Therefore I don't have product info for you for this card.   I am really looking forward to feeling great in 2022!

Now, info on the card.  The deer design was die cut in the center of a piece of white cardstock, twice. I don't remember the name of the die set.   On one of the die cut pieces, the deer were cut out of the design and glued on top of the solid die cut piece, for dimension.  Snow paste was added along the bottom edge and a little on the trees.

Susan's Poinsettia die set was used to create the red poinsettia.  It was die cut using her Specialty Card Stock, colored, shaped using her Flower Tool Kit and assembled using Bearly Art Glue.

A few Spellbinder gold embellishments were added to the design.

I believe the sentiment is a Spellbinder die.  It was die cut using gold mirror card stock.

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