Friday, March 23, 2018


Today I have used Susan's Garden Notes Victorian Tea Cup to fill with flowers.  

The oval was die cut using Els Dotted Scallop Ovals to die cut the dark purple oval and her Fitted Oval die set for the white Oval.  Yellow PanPastels were used to shade the back ground behind the arrangement.
Use the Garden Notes Victorian Tea Cup die set and die cut a lavender cup.  The saucer was not die cut and used because the cup was added to an oval die cut.

Use the Garden Notes Cosmos die set to die cut the pieces for the three pink Cosmos.  Shade the lower portion of the flower petals using pink PanPastels.  Shape the flowers using Susan's Flower Tool Kit.  Add yellow Pollen to the ends of the stamens.

Use the Garden Notes Lavender die set to create the Lavender.  

Use the Garden Notes Maidenhair Fern die set to die cut one Fern.

Use the Trio of Leaves die set to die cut 4 stems, to be used as fillers.

Use Susan's Garden Hydrangea die set to die cut the small white flowers.  Add yellow prills to the center of each flower.  They are glued randomly above the Cosmos.  Add three of the white flowers at the bottom of the cup.  Use a few leaves from the Leafy Branch around the white flowers.

I have not put a sentiment on this card yet.  It could be used for just about any occasion.

The products are linked below.


Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Your flowers always make me happy!

David Gatesy said...

Lovely composition. Bookmarked for Mother's Day. thanks, Selma.


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