Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Don't you love all the beautiful flowers you can create with Susan's Garden Note flower dies!   There is  a Lily 2 die set in Susan's new release, which I have used to design this card.  These flowers are so easy to die cut and assemble.

 Create three lily flowers using the Lily 2 die set.  To create a realistic look, use a marker to draw a line down the center of each petal and little short lines on each side.  Shape the flowers with Susan's Flower Tool Kit and glue petals together using the Kids Choice Glue.  Die cut stems and leaves, shape and attach the flowers.  You can add pollen to the ends of each stamen.

Use a 5 1/2 inch piece of Soft Finish White Cardstock for the top of the card.  Use the Circles die set to die cut the image across the center of the card stock, as shown above.  Poke out the center of each circle and discard these pieces.  Use a Scoreboard to score around the outside edges of this piece, for a finished look.  Use the Scoreboard to draw five lines down from the top right corner as shown in picture.

Use another piece of 5 1/2 inch white card stock and attach a piece of Clear Double Sided Adhesive to cover one side.

Attach the negative of the Circles Background over the Adhesive, matching outside edges.

Attach the die cut Circles inside the opening of the negative die cut background. You will now have adhesive inside all the circles.  Try not to touch any of the adhesive with your fingers.   Place the protective sheet from the Adhesive over the die cut Circles and rub hard over the die cut to make sure it is attached well.

Use your glitter tray and Diva Silk Finish Microfine Glitter to cover the adhesive inside the circles die cut.  Be sure to use your fingers to rub over the glitter to bring out the sparkle.

Use the ModaScrap Dragonfly die set to die cut one Dragonfly.  Use a small piece of white card stock that has Clear Double Sided Adhesive on the top so you can add Dive Microfine Glitter to it.

Use the Holidays Garland 2 die set to die cut the border on the bottom of the card.  Use Silver Metallic Shimmer Sheetz that you add a piece of Clear Double Sided Adhesive on the backside.  If you add the Double Sided Adhesive to the back of the Shimmer Sheetz before die cutting, it will be easier to attach the die cut to the card.  Add white flat back pearls in between each of the loops in the border.

Add the Lilies, Dragonfly and Border as shown.

Susan's flower die sets are so easy to create beautiful flowers that will wow anyone who receives your cards.


craftieodmae said...

you never fail to WOW me with your gorgeous creations....

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma, Another card with flowers to impress us!

Suzzette Yandle said...

Love your lilies on this summer day as well as your card design. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs and techniques.

Unknown said...

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