Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tag and Susan's Garden Notes Lilac Tutorial

 I had a great response to the Vase of Susan's Garden Lilacs I posted at this LINK.  On some of the comments and emails sent to me, I was asked to do a Lilac tutorial, which I have below.  First I will tell you about the products used for this tag.  I used the Tags & More 6 - Daisy Tag dies and die cut the top layer using white card stock.  The portion under the pretty die cut was embossed using the Swirly Curves Embossing Folder.  For color under the die cut portion of the tag, I die cut the basic tag using dark purple card stock and glued the two pieces together.  Two narrow strips of the same dark purple card stock were cut and glued along the top of the embossing at at the bottom of the tag.  I die cut the top of the tag again using purple card stock and used the die cut circles to decorate the top part of the embossed section.  The sentiment is one of the ECD Peel Off Stickers. 


 This is a picture of Susan's Garden Notes Lilac dies. 

 I use 80# card stock to create my flowers.  The dies are sharp enough to use two sheets of card stock when die cutting.  There are ten lilac flowers in this set -- I die cut them 5 times, which gave me plenty of flowers when die cutting two sets at a time.  It is hard to see in this picture, but I used two slightly different shades of card stock to give the flower dimension.

 Susan shows us in her videos to glue two stems together for extra support.  I did this before shaping the flowers.  I love Susan's new Molding Pad.  It is large and give you plenty of work space when shaping petals.  To shape the flowers, use the smallest ball stylus and press down in the center of each petal - this is very quick and easy shaping.  Sometimes when you use two pieces of card stock, the petals will stick together but usually pop apart once you press down in the center.  This looks like a lot of work, but it really goes pretty fast.

 I work on a Teflon work sheet when gluing.  I like to start by adding glue to the part of the stem that the flowers will be attached to.  I let it sit to get a little tacky before adding flowers.  I also have a little spot of glue on the work sheet.  Use the self-closing tweezers, that are in Susan's Tool Set, to pick up a flower, dip the back in the spot of glue and place it on the stem.

 I like to start at the top of the stem and work my way down, but it makes no difference where you start - you just want to glue a solid line of petals down.  When I place the flower on the stem, I use Susan's Leaf Tool to press down in the center of the flower to make sure it attaches well.  You don't want to lose the nice shape of the flower, so the sharp point on this tool keeps you from pressing down on the petals and flattening them out.

 Glue petals on both stems. Below I have a few pictures to show you the progression of how it looks as I layer the flowers to create a full blossom.  I find it easiest if you let the petals dry between each layer so they don't slide around.

 You can stop at any point, but I like to have a nice full flower.  If you have die cut and shaped a lot of petals before starting, it is so easy to keep going until you have the flower just the shape you want.

 This is the finished Lilac with the leaves added.  Susan's Lilacs are so beautiful, you can use a single flower like this or create a whole bouquet.

 Out of all the little flowers die cut and shaped, these are the petals I had left over for another flower.

 I like to use Pico IrRESISTible Embellisher to create the center of the flowers -  these embellishers have a needlepoint end which makes it easy to create whatever size dot you need.

You can create a variety of colors of Lilacs.  Have fun creating your beautiful lilacs.

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Janie Printz said...

Absolutely gorgeous Selma!!! Both the tag & the tutorial are on my list of terrific creations to give a try while I'm recuperating from my back surgery I had today. You just amaze me with the beautiful lifelike flowers you make & then to add the perfect tutorial it doesn't get any better than that. I thank you so much.
Hugs & happy crafting, Janie

Olga said...

Another gorgeous work of art!!!


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