Sunday, January 4, 2015

Susan's Garden Southern Magnolia and Stamen Tutorial

 I love creating the Susan's Garden Southern Magnolia It is such a beautiful flower. 

  I used Susan's directions to create this flower but I did create the stamen a little different.  I promised you a tutorial on how I did it.  Here is the LINK to Susan's instructions for completing her magnolia.   Around the magnolia I added Susan's Garden White Pine Pine Cones and Pine Branches.  I created this card for a winter birthday card.


This is a picture of a Southern Magnolia.

 When I started to create this stamen, I was not sure how many stamen pieces I would need,  so I die cut five pieces.  I cut each projection of the stamen twice to create 3 points.  This creates the frilly look needed for this stamen.  On one of the pieces, I colored the base brown to resemble the stamen in the picture.

 To get the stamen to have the curled points, I used the self-closing tweezers from Susan's Tool Kit and rolled down each point.  I caught the three narrow points and rolled them down.  You don't have to be real fussy about getting them exactly alike.  You can arrange them once the whole stamen is created.

 This is what the pieces looked like once the points were all curled down.

Add glue, on the back, to the bottom edge of one of the pieces that you have not colored the base, and roll it using the self-closing tweezers.  (You want the curls rolling out.) This will be the top of the stamen.

  Add glue to the next stamen piece and roll it around the base of the first rolled stamen.  The base is wide and this is very easy to do. This picture shows two stamens glued together.

 Depending on how high you want the stamen, you can use three or four pieces.  I only used a total of three.

 Next add glue to the back of the piece you have colored the base brown. Roll the piece around the bottom of the other stamens.  If the bottom is not perfectly straight, you can trim it with scissors so you can get it to sit straight in the center of the flower.  Add glue to the bottom of the stamen and place it in the center of the completed magnolia.

I know you will have fun creating these beautiful Magnolias. You can purchase Susan's Garden Southern Magnolia dies at this LINK.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Loved your flower stamen !!
Dropping by to Wish you and family a Happy and Fantastic New Year 2015
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts Kids Projects said...

Selma your Magnolia is just beautiful. Thanks for the great tutorial on making the stamen! Well done girl!

Janie Printz said...

Gorgeous flower & wonderful tutorial Selma. It's so nice to see how it's done & makes it look like anyone can do it. You're a talented designer & great teacher.

Anonymous said...

Selma this card and magnolia are magnificent. I love Susans flowers and am so happy you are showing us each one and giving us little extra tips. I want to wish you a very happy new year. My year is always so happy to receive your blog email each day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan, just been looking at your rose tutorial...........beautiful.

Margaret Cotton

Eva Van Buuren said...

Wow Selma.....this is really GORGEOUS!!
I love this flower and I love this card!!
Fantastic done!!
Thank you for the wonderful Tutorial Selma! The stammen makes the Magnolia só real. An real BEAUTY!!
Hugs, Eva.

Martie Rollin said...

Your photo and written narrative tutorials are the best! Thank you for sharing your projects...much appreciated!

Dianna said...

Selma, I love the magnolia, and the Stevan's look so life like. Beautiful job as always.



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