Friday, May 2, 2014

Springtime Birdcage with Tutorial

 Many times I am asked what I do with all the flowers I create with the Susan's Garden flower dies.  Oh my gosh!  There are so many things you can do with them beside create gorgeous greeting cards.  I also create beautiful gift boxes, frames and there are endless home decor items you can create with them that can be used for your own home or for gifts.  You can also create beautiful flowers for weddings and/or showers.

I purchased the above birdcage from Hobby Lobby and decorated it with some of the  flowers I created with the Susan's Garden new flower release.  On the top of the cage I created a draping, flowering vine using the Susan's Garden Forsythia dies.  

 Here is a picture of Susan's Forthythia and pictured below is a totally different flower I created using the same dies.

I die cut the Forsythia flowers using two shades of purple card stock.  To create the "vine" I used a thin green florist wire.  Five pieces were cut and knotted together at one end.  The flowers were shaped, then glued onto the wire using Ultimate Glue.  When you glue down your petals, always use just a small amount of glue.  If you use too much, it takes a long time for the glue to dry and the petals (flowers) will not stay in place.  Attach as many green leaves as you want.

Here is a closeup of the top of the cage.

 Inside the cage, I added Susan's Garden Alstroemeria and Stephanotis.  Across the bottom, I attached three Lilac branches.  I use glue dots to attach the flowers to the birdcage.  The pretty flowers I created really dressed up this plain birdcage. 

Susan's Garden Forsythia dies
Ultimate Glue
Susan's Garden Alstroemeria dies
Susan's Garden Stephanotis dies
Susan's Garden Lilac dies
Glue Dots


7 comments: said...

So very beautiful. You are always just blowing me away with these beautiful flowers!

Leanne ... said...

Oh how sweet decorating that cute bird cage with all your sweet flowers. You are an inspiration for flower making.

I hope you don't mind me mentioning your name on my blog this week. Stop by later tomorrow for a peek.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL, as always.


Anonymous said...

Such attention to detail can be tedious, but the end result is so lovely...thanks for sharing these projects!

Martie Rollin

Eva Van Buuren said...

Selma, what a lovely birdcage and wonderful flowers!
Thanks for showing us what all you can do with the forsythia die. I love it!
I have that die and will it try.
Hugs, Eva.

stamp with Laura said...

I love your lilacs. I have tried them and have had no success. Any suggestions on how to make them look as beautiful as yours.

Shirley said...

Wonderful Lilacs, Forsythia, and Stephanotis. They are gorgeous the way you arranged them on the cage!


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