Sunday, March 16, 2014

Basket of Violets and a Ladybug Tutorial

 Today I have created a basket of Violets for an Easter card.  The violets were created using Susan's Garden Pansy/Violet dies.  The violets were created as shown on Susan's Video at this Link.  In the center of each flower I added a dot of the yellow Paper Pen from the Susan's Garden Viva Decor Paper Pen Set.

The gorgeous die cut at the top of the card is a new Marianne Design Anja's Border, which is now in stock at  Ellen Hutson, LLC. There are two dies in this set.   The basket is also a Marianne Design die (CR1207). The small leaves behind the violets is the Impression Obsession, Leafy Branch.   The little bunny is one of the three bunnies from the Impression Obsession Bunny die.  I added a tiny black pearl to its eye and a small white pom pom to the tail.

Did you notice the cute little ladybugs on some of the leaves and in the grass? I have had some of you ask me how to create these  ladybugs.   They were made with the Susan's Garden Lady Bug Kit.  I just received my Ellen Hutson, LLC  Newsletter and in it is the following statement: "Have you noticed the ladybugs Susan adds to each of her flowers?  We are so happy to share that we have a very special Viva Decor Susan's Garden Ladybug kit now available.  Don't delay... get your kit now because we are not certain how long it will be available!"

Viva Decor Paper Pen, Susan's Garden Ladybugs, 3 pk
 Below is a tutorial on how I created the ladybugs for my card:

When you receive your Susan's Garden Ladybug Kit, be sure to watch for the thin wire that will be in the package.  This wire is used to unclog the narrow tip after you finish using the black Viva Decor Pearl Pen.  In is shown at the bottom between the two bottles of Pearl Pens.  The fine tip should be used with the Black Pearl Pen to create the small dots on the back of the ladybug.

Work on your Non Stick Craft Mat and first add a dot of the Red Pearl Pen the size you want your ladybug to be.  Try to get a nice round circle.  Next use the Black Pearl Pen with the fine tip on it and add a dot of black to one end of the red dot, kind of pressing in so it "melts" into the red body.  I like to make a lot of these at one time.  It is not necessary for you to wait for these to dry, but I like to continue once they are dry, because I think I get better looking black dots.  Susan does this step while the red is still wet.   If you are using your Craft Mat from the Susan's Garden Tool Kit, it is easy to set your ladybugs aside until they are dry.  Don't leave them right where you are working, because I found out the hard way, you may end up laying something on them and it will totally mess them up if they are touched while wet!

 Once they are dry, I go back with the fine tip and add the black dots to the back.
 You can make very tiny ladybugs or larger ones, it is going to depend on the amount of red Paper Pearl that you use.  if the ladybug is large enough, you can add a very thin black line right down the center of the back, then add your black dots.  I have created a variety of sizes and save them in a little plastic box so I always have them ready to use.  (The truth is that they are so fun to make I can't stop!!!!)

 Aren't these little guys cute!

I have had some questions about my sister in law.  She had a pretty rough time of getting through the double mastectomy surgery.  She ended up with two surgeries - the first one was seven hours long, and the next day had to go back for a second surgery because something was left inside.  She has been in a lot of pain but doing much better. We thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. If you would like to send her a card to cheer her up through her recovery, here is her address:

Judy Blackmore
1529 Sandpiper Place
Pueblo, CO  81006

You can purchase the following products from Ellen Hutson, LLC:


19 comments: said...

Thank you for giving us the secret to these darlin' little ladybugs! I have always wondered how they were made. Just too stinkin' cute!

Mihaela said...

Beautiful violets and great tutorial, love your idea!

Janie Printz said...

Selma,thanks for the ladybug tutorial. I'm so glad you showed this. I've made them on my leaves but they don't always turn out like I would like so the leaf gets tossed or stuck under my flower. Now that I see you can make them on your no stick mat this will be more fun. Thank you so very much.
Janie said...

I love those ladybugs! Your flowers are wonderful as always but those little ladybugs are just always catching my eye. Guess I'm gonna have to have that kit for sure! Hope your Sister in law is feeling better.

Olga said...

Very pretty, love the bug!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang .. That is a beautiful card .. And such cute lady bugs .. Thanks for sharing .. Yours in ink Anne

Anonymous said...

Dear Selma,

Those ladybugs are adorable! I really appreciate your design tips, too. I need all the help I can get!


I have been thinking of Judy a lot. Thank you for including her address. Although, since I am such a slowpoke card maker I do not know if I will send a handmade card or not. I will continue praying for Judy's speedy and full recovery.

Hugs from Maryland,


MariLynn said...

These lady bugs are adorable. I might just have to try making some of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful card and I love how you explain everything to let us know exactly what you used. You are sooooo very helpful. Thanks for the ladybug tutorial, too. I also LOVE making ladybugs and once I get going, I can't seem to stop. lol

How in the world did I miss the news about your Sister-in-law? Oh my goodness - a double mastectomy!!! And then to have something left inside of her!!! Do you mean like a sponge or something like that? YIKES!!! I am adding her to my daily prayer list and I will definitely work on making and sending her a card. Thank you for including this note and her address.


Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sending this email. So glad I found your many new techniques and flowers!

Martie Rollin

Leanne ... said...

Love those lady bugs and your directions on how to do them. And you know, I always love your homemade flowers. This makes a lovely Easter card.

PS...Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog this week. I always appreciate comments.

Eva Van Buuren said...

Wow Selma, what a wonderful basket full of violets!!
Thank you for the great tutorial how to make such a lovely lady bugs! I love them!
A beautiful idea for a Easter card! Thanks!
Hugs, Eva.

hania739 said...

Pięknie wyglądają fiołki na tej żółci, śliczna karteczka :))

Shirley Ross said...

I left my comment on the previous post. That's what I get for not staying current!! Grrrrrr! ;-)

Marie Crest Anderbery said...

I just got an email that Ellen Hutson is no longer carrying the Viva Decor Paper Pens! :( Is there another source?

Pretty said...

very very beautiful thank you pretty

Sharon Fontenot said...

Approximately how long does it take for the ladybugs to dry?

Selma said...

Sharon I usually let them set for a couple of hours to dry.

Sharon Fontenot said...

Thanks for replying to my question Selma. I was thinking about using this technique in one of my card making classes and wondered if they would be dry during the time.


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