Monday, January 6, 2014


 If you go to Hawaii, you will notice that these sweet smelling Plumerias are everywhere.  These flowers are used to create beautiful leis.  The variety of colors are  a beauty to behold... red, pink, white, yellow, and yes, even a variety known as rainbow.  I have used Susan's Garden Plumeria dies to create rainbow plumeria.  You can watch a step by step video by Susan Tierney-Cockburn on how to create the Plumeria at this link.

The rainbow plumeria are a blend of yellow and pink.  This color combination is really easy to duplicate on each petal by using the Susan's Garden Pan Pastels.  I used the PanPastelSofft Knife with a point to first apply the bright pink then went over it with with yellow.  I love how the Pan Pastels blend together so well.  In the pictures I saw of the rainbow plumeria, it had a little black at the base of the petals, so I used a Copic fine black marker to add a few thin black lines, then went back over it with the yellow Pan Pastel.  One of the things I want to point out is that when you add the petals to the calyx (base), be sure to add them next to each other.  If you have read my tutorials on how to assemble a rose, I tell you to first add petals to every other point on the base, going back and adding the other petals over the first ones.  With the Plumeria, they are to overlap the petal next to them as you glue them around the calyx. 

Here is a close up picture of a Rainbow Plumeria.  You can see how the petals are layered from the base.  Also notice how one side of each petal is curved up.

Along with Susan's Video and this close up picture, I'm sure you will be able to create beautiful Plumeria in a variety of colors.

You can purchase the products used by clicking on the link below at Ellen Hutson, LLC:

Susan's Garden, Plumeria dies
Susan's Garden, Pan Pastels
PanPastel Sofft Knives and Covers
Copic Multi Multiliner Set Fine, Black 4pc
Susan's Garden, Flower Tool Kit
Ultimate Glue
Susan's Garden, Yarrow flower dies (used for small white flowers)
Memory Box, Kaleidoscope Butterfly
Memory Box, Moonlight Butterfly
Hero Arts Accent Pearls



Dr Sonia S V said...

Selma love the way you have shaded the petals....gorgeous

Ульяна и Полина said...

Какая прелесть!!! Не перестаём любоваться Вашими прекрасными работами!!!

Anja said...

Hello Selma

What nicely done! My compliments to all of your wonderful creations!

Warm greetings from Anja

Jan Castle said...

STUNNING flowers Selma...I can almost smell them!

Robin Clendenning said...

My step mom lives in Deer Park, Wa. I don't know how big it is but maybe you know her. She is my dad's widow, her name is Liz Johnson.
Anyway, gorgeous flowers!! I see your cards on SCS.

Rene Stansell said...

Hi Selma,
I love your card, we have this flower in Australia but it is called Frangipani, and yes, the perfume is exquisite.
Rene from OZ xo

Anonymous said...

what an absolutely stunning card.... plumeria is one of my favorite flowers and this is just stunning.... thank you for sharing your creativity

kunda said...

WOW!!! they look so natural....stunning creation....

Bonnie Weiss said...

I've been holding off transferring Pan Pastels from my wish list to my shopping cart but you are not making it easy to continuing doing that Selma. Such pretty flowers and beautiful card.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL and thanks so much for your excellent description and photos!

Debi Lefever

Anja v K@@rten said...

Lovely and beautiful!!! Ii'l love the colors of the flowers.
Groetjes, Anja

Anonymous said...

Just Gorgeous Plumeria!!!


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