Saturday, October 26, 2013

Susan's Garden Gorgeous Flowers

I am very excited to announce that I am now designing for Susan's Garden and will be working with Susan Tierney-Cockburn. I love her line of products. 

My first love (in crafting) has always been working with flowers.  I started designing flowers with Susan's Punch Bunch punches and learned her techniques by following instructions in her "Paper Bouquet" book. There are so many ways to use these dimensional flowers. You always get oohs and awes when you create these beautiful flowers.   

Last May, the first 16 Susan's Garden dies were released through Sizzix and very soon, 15 additional flowers will be available.  In order to create beautiful flowers with her dies, Susan also designed a Flower Tool Kit and Plastic Flower Pots, available through Sizzix.   Other products Susan has are Pan Pastels which include a tray of ten colors, The Susan's Garden Viva "Paper Pen" collection, and Woodland Scenics "Pollen" for creating stamens, and the Susan's Garden "Ladybug" kit. 

I received my new collection of Susan's Garden Flower Dies and many were used in the birdcage. I created "Fall" flowers from both collections.  Can you tell which ones are from the first collection and which ones are new?  From the first collection I used the Susan's Garden "Sunflower", "Blackeyed Susan", and "Mini Petals."  From the new collection I used the "Gazania", "Dahlia", and "Yarrow" dies.

Here is a closeup of the flowers.

 I have been busy creating flowers in the rest of the collection.  Very soon I will be posting individual flower pictures with instructions.  

I am excited to have this new Susan's Garden flower collection and I am sure you will too.  



Blanerva Morten Brigitta Vadasz said...

Wow! They look so real that if I had just seen a pic I would have thought they were real! Your work is so amazing! I can't wait to see more!

Rita said...

Magnificent work Selma. The flowers look so real and the way you have displayed them using the bird cage makes a lovely creation. Looking forward to seeing Susan's new additions. This has to be the most beautiful display of flowers I have ever seen. Hugs Rita xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Selma. This is over the top gorgeous. I am so happy to hear you are designing for Susan. No one can create flowers as stunning as yours. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing a All your new flower creations.


Cheryl W said...

Wow, wow, wow! How wonderful! Congratulations! I have long admired your beautiful flowers and I can't wait to see the new ones you'll create in the days to come.

Chrissy said...

Congratulations Selma...this is just STUNNING!!...those flowers are just wonderful, the colours are superb and a fantastic design[display]...gorgeous work.


Sue W said...

WOW, WOW, WOW what a beautiful piece Selma!
So inspiring and such a great way to showcase these amazing dies. Congratulations, I think this is a match made in heaven and can't wait to see all the beautiful cards and 3D projects you will be sharing with us. x

Eva Van Buuren said...

Congratulations Selma!
This are gorgeous flowers and I looking forward to seeing all your new flower creations.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW what a stunner and a big congrats. Susan is indeed lucky to have such a talented artist to showcase her products
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts School Projects

Anonymous said...

Dear Selma. My daughter brought that book for me in New York it is fantastic my cards are realy pretty but the South Africans are looking for something else you gave me a idea thank you my dear. Regards Pat du Toit

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Selma, you will do her proud, I know. I also have Susan's book and lots of her Punch Bunch punches which of course, I use to replicate her beautiful flowers. As you say, there are always lots of oohs and ahhhs when I make a card using her products. I look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful designs, you are such an inspiration!
Here in New Zealand we are just coming into summer and looking forward to a nice hot Christmas - at the moment, it's not looking too great though, we are hardly out of our winter woollies yet!
I continue to get a great deal of pleasure from your emails - keep them coming, won't you?
With very warm wishes and ,congratulations again.

Glenda Brooks said...

Congratulations! You are so deserving always work magic with flowers! This birdcage is stunning. Keep the pretties coming!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Selma. You and Susan are a perfect match. This project is gorgeous. Your flowers are always so perfect that I always think they are real. I am so anxious to see what flowers you will be creating next. Again, congratulations!


isobel said...

They are gorgeous Selma, such a clever way to show them off, I love the little bird. Blessings

May said...

Fabulous work Selma, They look real...Stunning flowers... I off to look for her dies...Love them all...Congratulations of your much deserved DT Post... Hugs May x x x

Jan Castle said...

Beautiful flower arrangement Selma!!! TFS and congrats! You deserve the best!
Paper Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Selma I'm sure you are chuffed; your followers are delighted though NOT at all surprised. Susan is blessed to have found you!
Today's display is magnificent and sooooooo realistic. Best wishes, Mary Mac

Drora's minimundo said...

Stunning flowers! I love the gorgeous, decorated birdcage.
Thanks for Susan's link.
Hugs, Drora

Anonymous said...

What happy news. Congratulations Selma to be working with such a fabulous designer of flowers. I love all of Susan's flowers and products and she has the best designer to create gorgeous flowers. I am so happy for you. This bird cage is gorgeous with the fall flowers. You do spectacular work!


Ms Linda ( said...

Selma: Your work eludes you once again the floral arrangement is over the top.
Yes I will follow your blog, forever the inspirations are breathtaking.

Bonnie Weiss said...

I'm sure you will make Susan proud with your creativity and passion for flowers. Congratulations ... you deserve it Selma.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful piece of home decor you can be proud to display. I'm sure Susan will be very proud of all the designing you do with her dies. Congratulations on your new position.

Karen B

Anonymous said...

Oh Selma!!! This is beautiful!!! I, too, have always loved working and making flowers best of all and using Susan's Punch Bunch punches. I have sooooo many and also most if not all her current floral dies. Of course, I will just HAVE to buy all the new ones. I have Paper Bouquet and I think there is another book of hers that basically is white with flowers spread out on the front cover. I MUST get the pan colors. I have some other chalks but they're just not the same. :) Where did you get the birdcage, Selma? I also must get some of those pots. :)

Can't wait to see more work of yours and also the directions along with the new dies.

Happy Crafting!
Debi Lefever

Olga said...

that is just breathtaking!!!!

Theresa said...

This flower arrangement is gorgeous. So real looking. Amazing! Congratulations on being a designer for Susan...looking forward to all your beautiful creations. You two are a great pairing of talents.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Congrats, Selma! This is super amazing!

Anonymous said...

Selma, Your birdcage arrangement is just gorgeous. I am a beginner with Susan's flowers and hope to be half as good as you are some day. I love the flowers and how easy most of them are to make.Looking forward to your pictures and instructions. Louise

Anonymous said...

Good luck and blessings in your work with the flowers. You do a beautiful job. Laurie S.

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma, this is just so gorgeous, and I am glad to say that I have known you for years!!!!! It was always so nice that we once (teamed) together, so many years ago.

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma, I am so proud to say thatI knew you when!
Back then I was so glad we were on the same team. Your work is more lovely ever year!!!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma, this is just so gorgeous, and I am glad to say that I have known you for years!!!!! It was always so nice that we once (teamed) together, so many years ago.


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