Monday, September 23, 2013

Christmas Tags

These are two Christmas tags I put together by pulling things out of a box I have tossed die cuts in that I decided not to use at the time.  Do you have a box that you save die cuts you decide not to use on your current project?  They seem to stack up but it makes it easy to create a quick and easy tag!  We always need tags for the holidays!

I want to let you know that I will have a post Tuesday for the Heartfelt Creations Alumni Designers Blog Hop, then I probably won't be creating anything new for a while.   My daughter is having neck surgery early Monday morning and I will be taking care of her for a while.  Many of you have asked about how she is doing since her foot surgeries and she is doing well.  She is so happy to be able to walk again without a lot of pain.  It is a shame the injuries of the auto accident  resulted in another surgery but she is looking forward to a pain free body after she recovers from this surgery.  We were told she will be in a lot of pain for a few weeks, then be in a neck brace for a while.  This is a lot more serious surgery than the other two were as they are fixing several vertebrae that are leaning on her spinal cord.  If you would like to send her a card to cheer her up, here is her address:

Shari Stevenson
814 N Oasis Avenue
Deer Park, WA   99006

I really appreciate all your prayers and concern for her - she has had a very rough year.   I will be back with more posts and will try to keep up with emails as I have time.


craftieodmae said...

both are gorgeous!!!!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Selma, Your tags are lovely! I will keep your daughter in my prayers, and pray for a quick and perfect recovery.I can imagine what she is feeling, as I am undergoing brain surgery this Friday, to repair two more aneurisms. Say a prayer for me too!

Rita said...

Beautiful Tags Selma. I pray that all goes well for your daughter. I'll be sending a card to wish her well. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxxxx

craftieodmae said...

Prayers going up!!! Love your tags!!

Memaw said...


Both cards are awesome and want you to know your daughter is in my prayers as well as your family. Thanks so much for all the great ideas you send our way and for sharing your talent. Family first and formost but I am sure we will all be waiting for your first post after taking care of your daughter which will let us know things are good. Take care.

Leanne ... said...

Love your tags. Yes...I have a bunch of things in a box ready for a quick card that didn't quite exceed my expectations and use them periodically when in a hurry.

And prayers for your daughter for a successful surgery. She's blessed to have you Mom and someone to help care for her needs. God's blessings to her. Keep us informed of her healing and recovery.

helen said...

Dear Selma, We pray that your daughter recovers quickly and be pain free as soon as possible.Thank you for sharing your talent with us all. Your blog is one of the first I ever followed since I was new to the world of paper crafting .I have learned much from you. Take care and God bless.

Eva van Buuren said...

Dear Selma,
I pray for your daughter, for a quick and good recovery.
That she be pain free as soon as possible. I pray also for you Selma, take also care for your self.
I think on both of you and I'll be sending Shari a card.

Selma, I enjoy allways from your cards, you inspire me very much. I have learned much from you! Thanks for all!

Greetings and hugs from the Netherlands.

isobel said...

Will Pray for your Daughter and family Selma. May our loving GOD Bless you all. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems like everyone we meet is fighting a different sort of battle, doesn’t it? My prayers go with you and your daughter as she travels the road to recovery and your life is back on an even keel once again

Linda Ecker

Unknown said...

We don't always understand why things happen, I can say that my disability, this I didn't understand, but it gave me the opportunity over the past 6 plus years to spend time with my grandchildren before they started school & the bond we share has grown so strong. It also brought me back to my love of card marking & crafting...& teaching them too! I hope the time you share with your daughter bonds you closer each day and may the angels bring her relief from her pain. Best regards. PS....i also have a nice stash that I pull from to, these are beautiful.


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