Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Request

I have a very special request for one of my best friends; her name is Helen.   Helen is going to be 95 in a few months but has had some very bad luck this year.  She has always been a very active person, but earlier this year she fell and had a severe broken leg that kept her in the hospital/therapy for months.  She was just getting around and planning to go back to her volunteer work at her Senior Center when a few days ago had a ruptured appendix.  She is now out of ICU but sure it will be a while before she is back on her feet.   Helen loves sending cards herself and I know would love to receive some from my blogging friends.   If you would like to help make her feel better by sending her some get well wishes,  I would love to have you send her a get well card.  I'm not sure how long she will be in the hospital,  so will give you her daughter's address so she can deliver the cards to her.  Thank you so much.

Here is the address:

Helen Zalar
c/o Linda Mulcahey
590 Carlsbad Trail
Roselle, IL    60172

Thank you blogging friends, I know this will mean so much to her.


Patti J said...

Consider it done! Your card is lovely, Selma, as always! Thanks for sharing :)

Rita said...

What a great lady Selma. I'd love to send a card. We are on holiday just now, but as soon as I return I will be on the case. Hope that Helen will return to her health very soon. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxxxx

ednamburgess said...

How nice for you to request this. I'm sure she'll be overwhelmed with all the cards she'll get. Will send one. Edna And your card is beautiful.

Mickie said...

Beautiful card but so sad about your friend. Bet she gets loads of cards.

Olga said...

your card is gorgeous, and yes, count me in!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Selma
You truly are very special.... grateful to view your many beautiful creations and the inspiration it brings to me...
Will be more than happy to make a get well card to send to your friend.
I have great respect for you as a person and as an artist
Wishing you Joy as always
Elaine Sherry

Paula said...

Selma, I read your blog almost every day but rarely comment. Your cards are lovely especially the Hearfelt Creations. I would love to send a card to your friend, and will get one off to her tomorrow.

Janis said...

I am addressing a card to her right now. Bless you for doing this for your friend.
<3 J


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