Friday, March 22, 2013

Build A Flower Carnation Tutorial

I have two request for tutorials using the Cheery Lynn "Build A Flower #2 dies.  The first request was to do a tutorial on how to create a Carnation with the Cheery Lynn "Build A Flower #2" dies and the second request was for a Red Poppy.  I will be posting that tutorial tomorrow.    

In the above picture you can see two finished carnations created with the Cheery Lynn BAF #2 dies.

To create the carnation I used the pink petals shown on this BAF #2 die.

The carnation has many very ruffled layers. The yellow carnation above was completed using four layers and the red carnation was completed using five layers. There is no right or wrong - it just depends on the look that is pleasing to you.  I used the eight point base from the BAF #1 embellishment to build each layer; you can see it on the right side of the picture above. The eight petals above shows the first two petals as they look after being die cut.  The second two, on the top row, shows them after they were shaped with the white tool from the Tool Kit to soften the fibers in the card stock.  On the bottom row, you can see how I shaped the petals to give them the ruffled look of a carnation petal.  To shape them I just used my fingernails to kind of accordion pleat each one.  Do this to all the petals.  You will  have 8 petals for each row you want for your flower. 

 To assemble, start assembling the first layer by attaching four of the petals on every other point of the 8 point base.  I use the "Crafter's Pick" white glue because it is thick and holds well.  I find it easiest to put some glue on the Teflon Craft Mat and then just dip the tip of the petal in the glue.  

Next you add the other four petals to complete that layer.

 Create as many layers as you want for your flower.  Each row gets smaller as you work toward the center.  You start overlapping the tips as you glue them on the base, which will overlap the petals which makes the petals look fuller.  As you get to the center layers, you want to start pinching them up to make a closed center.  You can see the difference in the picture above as I glue the petals closer and closer for each row.  No two flowers are going to look exactly alike, so don't worry if they don't look exactly like mine.  When you start stacking the layers, you can start shaping your flower, pinching them up for very close layers.

This picture shows the first two layers glued together.  Try to alternate the petals, on each layer, so they are not stacked up in a row.  Continue to glue in each layer.

When you get all the layers glued together, your flower will look like this. Isn't it amazing how you can take card stock and create such realistic flowers.  The nice part is that it is very easy and so much fun.  I know someone is going to ask about the stem so I better tell you.  I used a skewer and wrapped floral tape around it.  The leaves were die cut using the green leaves on the left size of the BAF #2 die, shown above.

I hope this tutorial will help you create your carnations.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for another tutorial.



Alice said...

Thank you for sharing how you made those beautiful carnations! I want to make some myself, and am wondering about the card stock you used. Is it a particular brand or weight? I would think a "base weight" for a card might be too thick to manipulate easily. Thanks again!

ileana-carmen said...

Beautiful tutorial. And beautiful Carnation.

Mihaela said...

Hi Selma,
Great tutorial and flowers looks so real!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love carnations and these look so real. You do a fantastic job of figuring out all those different flowers with dies. I love your tuts and print them all out. These are beautiful. Hugs, Bev

Janie Printz said...

Selma I LOVE every one of your wonderful tutorials & can't wait to try making these gorgeous carnations. Just wondering if you used the 65# paper for these as they are so delicate looking. I was in Phoenix this week & got to stop in & see The Cheery Lynn store. What a thrill for me !!! They mentioned you had been there,
Hugs, Janie

Anonymous said...

that is very pretty, How much is the #2 die, Build a Flower??? char

Elly said...

Beautifully done Selma, they look so real!!

hugs, Elly

Nancy Hill said...

Stunning and beautiful carnations - now that makes me want to get the Build a Flower #2 to add with my other one. So much you can do with this #2 besides the beautiful roses that you had created in the past. Would be beautiful on a table in a vase (last longer than real flowers and looks real).

JoAnn said...

The carnations are beautiful and so realistic looking. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Theresa said...

How timely was this tute! I played yesterdy trying to make a carnation with BAF#2 and could not get anything or find and help. I looked everywhere for a formula or design at CL. This came at the perfect time. Cannot wait for the poppy. Thanks so much for your directions. I rcently bought supplies, paper, and tools from Joan's and am ready try to master making flowers.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the carnation tutorial and loved it

can't wait to try it out

Leanne ... said...

The carnations are beautiful Selma.
Loved the tutorial here.

redwasher1 said...

Wow Selma!! That Carnation looks so real!!!!!! Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...


Those look real!! Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Your carnations are positively fantastic. They are so life like - WOW! Thank you for the tutorial.

Susan B

Carol B said...

Thanks for sharing you wonderful flowers and how you made them. You are a great inspiration. Looking forward to you next makes xxx


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