Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Graduation

What a day!  Tomorrow our oldest granddaughter graduates from high school plus receives her AA Degree.  She is so excited.  This is a great accomplishment for a 17 year-old and we are very, very proud of her.    Today she had graduation practice and ended up falling off one of the podiums, and at the moment, we have been told she badly sprained her ankle.  We have to wait for a radiologist to read the xrays to see if it is broken.  Her ankle is very swollen and hurts a great deal.  We are hoping she will be able to attend graduation tomorrow to receive her diplomas.  This is the card I made for her gift.  We are giving her money that she can either use to set up her apartment when she moves by the university she will be attending, or maybe she will want to take it with her when she goes to Hawaii next month.   I know this is not the traditional type graduation card, but I only had one true graduation stamp and her sister used it to make her a card and I didn't want to copy her.  Alison's favorite color is blue, and her graduation colors are blue and yellow(gold)  so I think she will like this card.  I know she will like the check that will be tucked down in the pocket on the inside of the card.

Tomorrow I will be busy baking a special graduation cake then preparing a special dinner for Alison with all her favorite foods.  Hopefully we will all be attending the graduation ceremonies in the evening.

Have a great weekend.


velta said...

Poor sweet girl!!! Selma, I said a prayer when I read your latest post...your card is PERFECT, as always, and I know she will love it...I just hope her ankle will get better and she can enjoy her prized moment!

I do apologize for not commenting more...Your blog is one of my very favorites and I LOVE Joan to the bunches, she is lucky to have your talent...and I have really been inspired by your beautiful artwork! Keep it up, you always have me smiling when I visit!

Jean said...

I am sure she will love the card, I hope that she is able to walk with her class as that brings so much happiness. Regardless I pray she gets well soon!

Sheila - Ginger said...

Selma first of all Many Cogratulations to your daughter for getting her AA degree...oh you must feel so proud. I do hope her ankle recovers enough to walk up and get her certificate....and your card is just beautiful and I love the flowers you have put on it. Two very clever and your daughter!

Love Sheila xx

Lynne said...

Again, a very beautiful card, inside and out. I especially loved the inside and how it matches the front. I too, only have one true graduation stamp but my oldest is only 12 so I have lots of time to get more! Enjoy the graduation and hope she can walk it as well.

Colleen said...

Selma this is a perfect card. The one graduation card I made this year that was not "typical" was the one I received the most glowing comments on. My young friend said she was going to frame it and keep it forever.
I hope the news about the ankle is good.

Colleen H

craftieodmae said...

sending up prayers for your daughter, bless her heart, congrats on the AA degree, your card is beautiful! You never fail to blow my mind!

April said...

I love your card and the pretty flowers! Wonderful!

Payne Holler Cards said...

oh my! hope it all went well for her! what a tremendous accomplishment - YEP you get to be the proud GranMa (-:

Happyone or South Coast Sheila said...

Selma your card is soooo Special & I know your granddaughter will just love that you made it for her. I sure hope that her ankle is okay enough to get up on that stage. I shall certainly lift her up in prayer. And your Special cake & dinner will make her so happy to complete the event. What memories you are making for her. Thanks for sharing your story.
Hugs, Sheila B

Anonymous said...

Geez, I hope she will be able to make her own graduation now. Selma your card is gorgeous. Nothing wrong with non-traditional.


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